Vivekananda School, 26 years school is located in B-Block, Anand Vihar in Delhi. The school is appreciated for maintaining balance between tradition and modernization. The school is keeping pace with the rest of world. The school board had decided to install 20 kWp solar rooftop plant, for which they approached to First Green Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

In this regard, the role of FGC was Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) of solar plant on school roof top. FGC team visited the site & conducted the detailed analysis for roof top. Team took various parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, global horizontal solar radiation, shadow analysis, available roof top area. Based on these analysis/parameters team prepared Project design, Drawings and documents for electrical works, Drawings and documents for plant Civil Works, Structure drawings and documents, strategic solar plant layout, team decide to select penetrable installation on roof top.

Current status of project, the project is completed and successfully operating.

Highlights of the project:

Total rooftop area available for the installation of SPV system is about 600 m2. But due to large display board on Terrace only 300 m2 shadow free area was available. The total capacity which can be installed on these rooftops is about 20 kWp with Poly-Crystalline technology. It is expected that plant will generate around 30 MWh per year and replace about 20% of grid electricity. Expected CUF rooftop SPV project is about 17.12%.

Location: B-Block, Anand Vihar, Delhi.

Modules used: Tata Solar (250 Wp), Poly-crystalline module.

Inverter: SMA (17 kW).




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