Differentiate between Performance Ratio and Capacity Factor

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Performance Ratio

  • The performance ratio of a photovoltaic system is the quotient of alternating current (AC) yield and the nominal yield of the generator’s direct current (DC).
  • It indicates which portion of the generated current can actually be used. A photovoltaic system with a high Efficiency can achieve a performance ratio over 70 %.
  • The performance ratio is also often called the Quality Factor (Q). A Solar Module based on crystalline cells can even reach a quality factor of 0.85 to 0.95 (performance ratio = 85 – 95 %).

Capacity Factor

  • The capacity factor of a PV power plant (usually expressed as a percentage) is the ratio of the actual output over a period of one year and its output if it had operated at nominal power the entire year.
  • CF=(Energy generated per annum (kWh))/(8760 (hours / annum)×Installed Capacity (kWp))

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