How can we use solar thermal as a heat source for industrial applications?

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There are two major applications of Solar thermal. A Power Generation (CSP Technology) in the temperature range of 450 oC. Process application which uses typical low pressure steam of the range of 2 -10 bar pressure and in the temperature range bellow 250 oC. Solar flat plate collectors have been used in Industries for a period of last 20 years to heat the boiler feed water and raise the boiler feed water temperature up to 80 oC. One such type of system has been installed in Godavari Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited, Kakinada AP with a capacity of 120000 LPD capacity and operating since 1997. Another similar system of 50000 LPD has been recently installed in one of the textile factory in Gurgaon also and operating since 2007. Solar flat plate collectors have also been used as hot air generators/air dryers and used in typical timber industry, leather drying, fish drying, etc.

Another technology is the Solar concentrated technology which provide temperature of steam from these line or point focus concentrators in the temperature range of 300 oC. These technologies have been predominantly used in community cooking purposes, laundry industry, and food processing industry. This type of systems are available in Brahma kumari Ashram Abu Road, Shirdi temple, Tapi Food Industries, etc. Recently these concentrated collectors have also been used for air conditioning purposes through use of Vapor absorber chillers technology. Recently a 212 TR Solar VAM system has been installed in a Hospital in Maharashtra.

The Solar application in boiler can reduce boiler fuel consumption by 30% through boiler feed water heating through Solar flate plate collectors. In case the requirement is a low pressure steam up to 10 bar pressure and 300 oC pressure, concentrated solar trough type of dish type of collectors can be used.

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