How does soil strata effects project cost?

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  • Binding strength of the soil defines the requirement and type of the foundation required for the panel’s structure. So this affects the cost of civil work required. The type of the soil in the areas of Gujarat (Black Lava soil in eastern region, Letrite soil in western region), AP, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan (Sandy soil in desert and stony near the Aravali range), UP (Ganga Planes) and Punjab (Sindhu and Ghaghar Planes) are different so this makes it important to carry out geotechnical studies by specialist and decide the strength of soil, bearing capacity of landwhich decides the type of foundation as per the load of panel and structure.
  • The topography of the soil is also important. The uneven surface and undulating surface is suitable and it is required to levelled the surface and provide a little inclination towards the south as location of India is in Northern Hemisphere. So this levelling works againadd on in the civil and site preparation cost. Levelling is also required to keep a check on the shading effect of adjacent panels. If the land is with south facing inclination it is going to benefit the project.

All this leveling and civil work affects the cost of project and this is a fixed cost of the project.

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