please through some light on (Concentrated Solar Power) CSP.

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As presently the Solar PV is the flavour of prevailing market condition this is the reason that we focused our discussion on Solar PV Projects. (For more physical clarity of the system url of the “youtube” videos is also provided)
There are different CSP Technologies prevailing in the market such as

  1. Solar Power Tower: A series of flat plate reflectors (heliostats) reflect the sunrays directly to the top of a centrally located tower where a boiler is installed to heat up the thermal fluid which then flows to the heat exchanger and produces steam thereby producing power by conventional Rankine Cycle. (
  2. Solar Fresnel Reflectors: A series of flat plate reflectors reflect the sunrays on absorber. There is one Absorber for every 4 – 8 series of reflectors. Thermal fluid is flowing through the pipes of absorber and absorbs heat and then goes to heat exchanger. Then power is generated in the turbine with the conventional Rankine Cycle. (
  3. Dish Stirling: In this a satellite dish type reflector reflects the heat onto a Stirling engine located exactly at the focal point of the dish. Sometimes a steam generator is used to capture heat and produce the power. Stirling Engine produces rotational kinetic energy which is used to produce the power. (
  4. Parabolic Trough: A parabolic reflector reflects the sunrays onto a pipe which is located exactly on the focal point of the parabolic trough. Working thermal fluid absorbs the heat and then goes to the heat exchanger. This heat is then utilized to produce power by conventional Rankine Cycle. (
  5. Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CSPV): A series of convex lenses is used to concentrate sunrays on their respective solar PV pieces on each panel. On a single panel there is a series of convex lenses is used and PV pieces. This ultimately reduces the requirement of more Silicon for the PV Panel thereby drastically reducing the cost but the cost of tracking system required for such type of panels and convex lenses is add on in capex. In these systems there is requirement of cooling for the PV panels by radiators or fins or powered cooling fans. ( 

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