What are the opportunities to develop a solar PV project under REC route?

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Currently there are three Solar PV generators who are accredited from the respective state agencies for RECs. However these Solar PV generators are yet to get registration from the central agency which is NLDC.






Source: REC registry https://www.recregistryindia.in/index.php/general/publics/index

The trading can only be done for the RECs once they are accredited and registered. There is already trading happening for the Non Solar RECs for which details are as follows:

Source: REC registry https://www.recregistryindia.in/index.php/general/publics/index

As per Indian Energy Exchange where the REC trading done there was demand of Solar RECs, however as there is no Solar PV generator  has been registered at NLDC so far, so the trading of Solar RECs could not take place. It shows that at exchange there is demand of Solar RECs as well.

  • REC trading 28th March 2012
  • Market Share 96%

Source: Indian Energy Exchange http://www.iexindia.com/

We have clarity of REC prices up to 2016-17, however post this year, there is no clarity for which we can seek clarification from MNRE.

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