Existing grid connected and off grid capacity in India

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The total installed capacity in India capacity stands at around 200 GW, of which coal accounts for about 56%,Hydro around 20%, and Gas around 9%. Share of renewable have increased over the past, from 2% in 2003-04 to 6% in 2006-07 and now to 12% in 2011-12. As of June 2012, India’s grid-tied PV solar power is 940 MW, which is , 4% of the total renewable installed capacity. The solar installed capacity under REC route is 4.5 MW, the total capacity tied up as of date is 1956 MW, of which 98 MW will be under RPSSGP and GBI scheme. The country needs about 2400 MW of installed capacity to meet the targets taken by different distribution licensees, and as per the current tied up capacity there is a shortfall expected of about 400 MW solar power in the country to meet the RPO compliance targets.

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