Indian SOlar PV manufacturers face the burnt of Chinese low cost panels

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In India, there are 51 Module Manufacturers (9 of whom also make cells) having a combined capacity of 1500 MW but these industries are now working at a Capacity Utilisation Factor (CUF) of 20% even though 1000 MW worth of Solar Power Plants are under construction in the country today under $20 billion worth under JNNSM. 80% of Demand has been met by imports leading to the so-called “Death of  anufacturing” in India. Due to drop in the demand in the biggest market World over, European, Chinese and American Manufacturers are left with huge inventory of solar modules and cells and these are being liquidated / dumped in India at a throw away prices. The US Company Solyndra has sold some Solar modules at a dirt cheap price of 55 Cents/Watt to some Solar Power Developers of India. Indian Solar Module Manufacturers have therefore represented MNRE to recommend to Ministry of Finance to impose a 15% Customs Duty on imported modules and cells.

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