First Green Consulting Pvt Ltd News Letter Firstgreen workshop on “How Solar Can Empower Rooftops”

Firstgreen workshop on “How Solar Can Empower Rooftops”

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The Government of India launched its Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) in January 2010, with a

targeted installation of 20 GW of solar electricity by 2022. The JNNSM faced three phases, targeting:1 ,000 MW by 2013

4,000 MW by 2017, and 20,000 MW by 2022.

The first phase has progressed well and achieved installations in the order of 950 MW to date.

While there is considerable interest in utility-scale grid connected solar power plants, rooftop PV systems are

becoming equally popular in India with an installed capacity of more than 43 MW to date. Rooftop PV systems are

particularly desirable due to the fact that they have potential to reduce pressure on India’s transmission and distribution

infrastructure. Moreover, with a considerable cost reduction, rooftop PV system offer a great opportunity for Institutions,

Commercial industry, and all other buildings already using UPS, inverters, batteries and diesel generators as back-up

source in the event of grid unavailability. FirstGreeen and SunPower’s proposed workshop on rooftop

solar systems will provide an informative overview including:

a. The market outlook given the developments in Government policies and regulations;

b. The available incentives;

c. How to select an appropriate technology;

d. Statutory clearances and approvals required for connecting to the grid;

e. Business models to assess the viability of rooftop systems;

f. Financing options;

g. Net metering requirements for grid interactive PV systems.

This workshop will provide a good balance between theory and practice, with several real-life case studies. The objective

of the case studies will be to enable application of the understanding and knowledge gained at the workshop in

preparation of an effective bid / implementation.


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