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Gujarat Rooftop Solar Scheme

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Gujarat Government, after the successful installation of about 605 MW of Solar Power plant in Charanka in Patan district, now plans to introduce Rooftop Solar Power Plant Policy. Gandhinagar, as of now , already has about 1.39 MW of solar rooftop systems covering about 2 acres of roof-top area. The Gujarat State , recently, also envisaged a 5 MW rooftop programme on the PPP model in the capital which is now extended to about 5 more cities and towns. The entire solar power project is expected to produce about 30 lakh units of clean energy daily, which is capable of electrifying about 10 lakh households and save about 10 lakh tonnes of CO2 emissions. The advancement and growth in the technology has reduced the cost of solar plants significantly from about Rs.15 to Rs. 8.5 per unit in the past years, thus making it comparable with the gas-based power.

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