Rooftop PV and Small Solar Power Generation Programme of MNRE

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MNRE launched a program referred to as “ Rooftop PV and Small Solar Power Generation Programme” for the small solar power plants connected to distribution network at voltage levels below 33 kV and envisaged under Phase I of the JNNSM . The programme envisages developing about 100 MW of solar capacity.

Table 2: Proposed Capacity Allocation under JNNSM

S.No. Project Category Proposed Capacity Limit
1. Projects connected at HT Level with installed capacity of 100 kW to 2 MW 90 MW
2. Projects connected at LT Level with installed capacity of less than 100 kW 10 MW


Various states have also taken individual rooftop initiatives which are summarised in annexure 3.

MNRE offers 3 types of financial incentives for the solar rooftop systems:


Capital Subsidy: MNRE provides 30% capital subsidy on capital expenditure for rooftop solar PV system. For commercial and non-commercial entities in grid connected area, subsidy can be granted to a plant size upto 100kW. However, entities setting up solar plant for rural electrification can claim a subsidy for upto 250 kW plant size.


Interest Subsidy: The government provides soft loans at 5% per annum on 50% of the capex amount for 5 years tenure for solar projects by both commercial and non-commercial entities. Commercial entities can claim any of interest or capital subsidy but the non-commercial entities can claim both subsidies simultaneously.


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  1. how do we get the soft loan at 5% for rooftop solar setup?

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