RFP for setting up 300 MW of wind projects during FY 13-14 in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited hereinafter referred to as “Procurer”, will select Developers for setting up of 300 MW capacity Wind Power Projects during the financial year 2013-14 and will directly purchase power generated from these selected 300 MW Wind Power Projects as per terms & conditions of Power Purchase Agreement. 

The Bidder is allowed to installed only models of wind turbines of unit capacity 500kW and above that have obtained type approval/certificate from designated certification agency as per list of Models and Manufacturers of Wind Turbines as circulated by Centre for Wind Energy Technology. 

PPA will be signed between Developer, Power Producer and Procurer.The Procurer shall pay to the Seller(s) the final (L1 Quoted) Tariff which has been arrived after discount in generic tariff (Rs.4.89/kWh for projects to be setup in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur & Barmer districts and Rs.5.13/kWh other than these districts) declared by Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission, as per the terms and conditions of the PPA.

Maximum 120 MW capacities will be offered to a Bidder including its Affiliate, Parent or Ultimate parent company while Minimum capacity of 10 MW will be offered to a Bidding Company.

Offer by one company: The bidder, including its Parent, Affiliate or Ultimate parent may submit response to RfP for maximum 120 MW at various locations.

Offer by two companies- A&B including its Parent, affiliate or Ultimate parent. A and B each company can also offer up to 120 MW, which can be at multiple locations under different companies (A&B) of the same group. Such a group shall submit only one packet consisting separate RfP for A and B company/bidder in the prescribed formats detailing capacity of project of total aggregating capacity 120 MW. Bidders of company A and B can quote different tariff or same tariff.

The “Net Worth” of the Company should be equal to or greater than Rs 1 (One) crore per MW. 

Bid cost DD/Pay order for Rs 10000.00; (ii) DD/Pay order of Rs…..(@ Rs.5,000.00 per MW (plus service tax as applicable) towards processing fee of RREC; (iii) Processing fee of Rs. 1000.00 of RISL and (iv) Bank Guarantee towards EMD @ Rs.10 Lacs/MW. 

Performance Guarantee of Rs. 15 Lacs/MW at the time of executing capacity allocation agreement as per Format – 6.3 B. (valid for a period of 12 months from the date of signing of CAA) in addition to Bank Guarantee submitted towards EMD and BID Bond earlier as total consolidated Performance Guarantee.

The Developer shall furnish within 240 days from the signing of Capacity Allocation Agreement that the required land for project development is under clear possession of the  Developer. In case of Bidding Consortium, the possession of land or lease hold right of land from State / Central agencies is in the name of non lead member, the same will be accepted against application and would be required to be transferred to the Project Company before execution of Project.

The Project shall be commissioned by March 2014. In case of not adhering the schedule commissioning liquidated damages for delay in commencement of supply of power to Procurer: Delay up to 200 days from schedule commissioning as per PPA, RREC will encash 0.5% (half percentage) per day of the total Performance Bank Guarantee 

Delay beyond 200 days from schedule commissioning PPA may be terminated. However, in exceptional cases, SLSC may consider to grant extension in the Scheduled Commissioning of project with a penalty @1.0% per day of the total Performance Bank Guarantee.


Asim Sharma, Consultant

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