Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) decided to extend banking facility for solar power to solar generators in Karnataka

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KERC is of the considered view that banking facility needs to be extended to solar power projects also to promote generation and consumption of solar power and therefore, decides to extend banking facility to solar generators on the same terms and conditions as applicable to Minihydel and Wind generators and 2% of the injected energy is being levied as banking charges.

KERC also states that, Solar generators wished to have the banking and wheeling facility, then they would be required to pay the difference between the Unscheduled Interchange charges prevalent at the time of injection and Unscheduled Interchange charges prevalent at the time of withdrawal of power.

Also KERC states that wheeling charges for solar power projects is zero and the same shall continue until further orders from the Commission.

This can create a good market for Captive/Group Captive based Solar projects in Karnataka.

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