7 Solar Stadiums In Brazil for 2014 world cup

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A new step probably for encouraging renewable sources.At least seven of the stadiums are incorporating solar arrays to provide on-site power generation for one of the world’s largest sporting events,football world cup 2014 in Brazil.Two of the installations were recently completed in the cities Brasilia (The 1st LEED Platinum stadium) and Rio De Janeiro. This is a tremendous work done by the concerned authorities which will help in reducing the use of grid supplied enegry.


Indeed a great step,Millions of fans coming to see the matches will witness the use of renewable source of energy.These kind of activities help in pushing forward the right message to the right consumers.he stadium in Brasilia may be the first to achieve LEED Platinum status, the highest status awarded by the Green Building Council. Its rooftop features a 2.2 megawatt photovoltaic array. All the materials from the former stadium were collected and reused on and off-site.This is probably the only world cup till date using renewable energy such as solar for the stadiums.

Guided steps have been taken in Brazil to ensure that solar energy is used to its utmost level.Even other developed and developing countries should look upto this and take certain initiatives which would Increase their footfall in the global arena.

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