Bidding Adieu

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Today I am not writing any article on Solar Technology or policies but rather about an enriching experience at First Green Consulting Pvt. Ltd. I am leaving this organisation to pursue higher studies in the field of Solar Energy and I believe the learning I got here is an important part of the jigsaw for the future.

When I joined the organisation, I was a novice in the field of Solar Energy. Doing research, analysis and then writing on blog gave me a very good insight in this field and helped my expand my knowledge. The working environment here has really been great and it would be a great experience for anyone looking to work in the field of Renewable Energy,Climate change and Energy efficiency.

I hope you enjoyed reading my articles. Thank you for your support and time you took out to read my articles.


Signing off

Prateek Sikka

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  1. suri subban says:

    Thanks  for sharing your knowledge.Wishing you all the very best.Subban.

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