Innate Solar Tracker developed by Sardar Patel University

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Solar Power plant efficiency can be boosted to 45% with assistance from the automated dual axis Solar tracker developed at Sardar Patel University in Gujarat, India. The tracker works on sunflower motions, follows the sun’s movement. It is currently installed on the physics department in the University and generates up to 1.5 KWh electricity through 20 multi-crystalline solar panels, each rated 75 Watts.

This system has a sensor based technology to avoid manual programming. It has capacity for 3400 horizontal rotation and 700 vertical rotational. Based on the rotation  path of sun keeping in mind the varied regions of the country, the tracker system has been to supply rotation angles. To store excess power, batteries are connected in the circuit which can be utilized when there is dearth of sunlight.The auto grid changeover in the device takes care of uninterrupted power of 230 volt AC load. The device has been equipped with a timer which starts the tracker automatically at 5.45 A.M and shuts it down automatically at 6.45 P.M. The structure is quite is robust and has been designed to withstand wind speed of 60 meter’s per second.

If this design turns out to be a hit, it could be a major breakthrough in the Indian Solar Industry and would be very useful in areas where electricity is not available readily.

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