LEED certification of Existing Buildings for Operation & Maintenance (LEED: EBOM)

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Man is always hankering for a cozy and comfortable life, so he effortlessly develops the urbanization trend and energy became the main constituent in this trend. The rising living standard increases the energy consumption of the buildings, which attracts our interest to converting our existing building into Green Buildings and enhances our life style manner for a healthy future.

In this direction, Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) took great initiative to enhance the performance of the existing building through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The LEED for existing building was designed to certify all the activities of ongoing operations of existing commercial and institutional building. This rating system encourages owners and operators of existing building to implement sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of their building over their functional life cycle.

UntitledUnder the LEED:EBOM certification process all kind of building like-offices, retail and service establishments, institutional buildings (libraries, schools, museums, churches, etc.),hotels, high and low rise residential buildings, owner occupied, multitenant, or multiple-building campus projects can be certified. This rating system address the issues of water and energy use, products and practices for cleaning and alterations, waste management, indoor air quality and exterior site maintenance of the building.

Er. Sheelam Khare

Source- GBCI notes

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