Solar Industry apprehensive over Increasing Defective Panels

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There is a uproar in the Solar market regarding the increasing no. of defects in solar panels during manufacturing.Indeed this has snubbed a lot of investors and consumers off lately.Umpteen no. of companies are expanding their business into solar,with a view of brighter prospectus,but this in turn is creating dark clouds  on the future run of the industry.The quality concerns have emerged just after a surge in solar construction.There is no industry figure as far the defective panels are concerned,But billions of dollars that have financed solar installations, from desert power plants to suburban rooftops are at stake.


Companies are compromising on the quality for being cost effective,some solar panels are failing long before the end of their warrantied life spans.The recent Newyork times report throws some light on the growing surge in defects.China is considered to be centre for this,being the world’s solar panel manufacturing capacity.The Times cites one large rooftop installation east of Los Angeles, where, after just two years in operation, protective coatings disintegrated and other defects caused fires.To skip away from these problems many solar companies are coming up with insurance plans.

Reference : The Newyork Times

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