IGBC Launches New Rating System for Existing Buildings-Operation and Maintenance(O&M)

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IGBC Green Existing Buildings O&M Rating System is a voluntary and consensus based programme. The rating is focused on sustained performance of buildings with respect to the green features. The overarching objective of this rating system is to facilitate building owners & facility managers in implementation of green strategies, measure their impacts and sustain the performance in the long run.

The rating system is fundamentally designed to address national priorities of resource conservation while providing quality of life for occupants. The rating programme uses well accepted National standards and wherever local or National standards are not available, appropriate international benchmarks have been considered.

Unique features of IGBC Existing Buildings (O & M)

  • Focus is on implementation and results achieved
  • Documentation requirements are minimal. Instead, it is more of evidence like photos and calculations
  • The rating can be applied to both air-conditioned and non-air conditioned buildings
  • The rating is designed to suit all building types in all climatic zones. Exclusions are residential and Factory buildings for which IGBC’s existing ratings can be applied
  • Water being of prime national concern, is given higher weightage
  • For energy related aspects, Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) or the Energy Performance Index (EPI) as recommended by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), is the reference standard.
  • Buildings are all about people. A separate module called ‘health and comfort’ is included, to address health and wellbeing of occupants in the buildings.

When to use IGBC Existing Buildings O & M Certification

  • The pilot version of IGBC Existing Buildings O&M rating system is applicable for all types of non-residential buildings including office buildings, IT Parks, BPOs, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, banks, etc. Building types such as factory and schools will be covered under respective IGBC rating programmes.
  • Buildings which are 80% occupied (with respect to the carpet area) and operational for a minimum of 1 year are eligible for certification under IGBC Existing Buildings O&M rating.
  • Projects already certified and operational for more than 1 year are also eligible to apply for IGBC Existing Buildings O&M certification
  • Campus projects having multiple buildings can be considered as one single project for registration and certification. However each building has to individually conform to the energy, water and fresh air mandatory requirements


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