Building integrated pv takeoff: integration of solar with building architectural design

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We all are very well known to the fact that with the growth of industrial sector, new land areas are being explored to develop industrial hub, Industries can be IT, manufacturing or any other. In the present trend, building design is very important for every company/ developer to create a signature look in the market. Large buildings electricity requirement is very high and all these buildings are on must run. From a long time architects are trying to make a building which is Energy Efficient and then an idea shows them light of hope and the idea was use of glass on the façade to make building Energy Efficient. This idea has begun a new era of Building Architectural Design. But, supply & demand and cost of grid electricity was still a big issue.

As we all know, NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION. This invention can be a new idea or a product. This time necessity was electricity generation without compromising building beauty. Market comes up with new Idea and that great idea is INTEGRATION OF SOLAR WITH BUILDING ARCHITECTURE (building integrated photo voltaic, BIPV).

Semi-transparent modules in different colors are available in the market, which can easily be integrated with the building architectural. This meet the some part of electricity requirement of the building and as well as provides a signature architectural look to the building. Apart from these major benefits BIPV can also perform some other important functions like thermal control, shade and light, weather proofing.

I can visualize the bright future of BIPV and I would also like to add to this, one day world will be running on Green Energy.

Solar Ark-Japan

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