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I along with FGC team have published many articles on selection of inverter, optimization of inverter losses, inverter compatibility with string voltage level, single phase or three phase inverter and many more. This article may astonishment some of my technological buddies. I also ask their views on this and would be happier to know, what they fantasized about future electricity generation .

Present scenario for a typical solar plant/ roof top system is, electricity is generated through Solar panels, cables bring this to inverter, inverter convert DC electricity into AC and after that everything goes like a typical electricity generation source for example coal, diesel, wind etc.

Although, electricity is considered as cleanest form of energy yet there are two major issues with this form. First is storage and second is generation of electricity has to in line with demand. Batteries are available for the storage and scheduling is done for managing demand and supply ratio. But everyone know that this is not a permanent and feasible solution.

Now just envision, what if we can generate electricity as per our home requirement, whenever we want! What if we don’t require huge transmission network! What if we run maximum of our house hold equipment on DC itself!

Solution may be combination of Solar Electricity and Fuel Cell. Yes, this combination can be used to resolve the storage problem as well as electricity-demand and generation equation.


Solar energy can be used for the water electrolysis and further the yield of water electrolysis is hydrogen and oxygen which can be stored and further can be used in Fuel Cell to generate electricity. Fuel cell technology is getting pace and sooner be available in competitive price.


By this combination, people will be able to generate electricity by their own. I would like to add one more important point. As the electronics has captured all most every daily life equipment and we all know they all run on DC. Very few item run purely AC and I have strong believe that replacement for them will come which will run on DC electricity, DC air conditioner is already available in the market.

The day, when this modal get commercialized, human race may not need long distance transmission line may also not be required and inverters too.

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