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The recent technology developments and cost decline in solar PV has made it an attractive proposition to run your existing submersible pump on solar. There is no need of battery and it can directly connect the solar panels to the submersible pump input through a variable frequency drive (VFD). VFD is an electronic device equipped with  inverter and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The variation of solar radiation is observed through frequency modulation and will run the submersible pump at constant torque for a wide range of sunlight from morning to evening. We have installed a similar system at the farm house of Mr. Ananth , about 70km from Hyderabad and the submersible pump has 5Hp motor which run continuously from morning to evening. The water is poured in overhead water tank which act as a storage device. We have installed 3.7Kw panel with single axis tracker which run the submersible pump with a constant output while varying the solar output. This is the fairly low cost solution to the farmers do not have grid electricity and have no other option to run their submersible pump. Installing solar PV at your land or Agriculture farm, it leaves completer dependency on  grid electricity. We believe that there is need to educate the people to adopt such low cost solution which can convert your existing pump as a solar pump.



>This solar inverter with MPPT VF drive will give maximum torque even at minimum sunlight

> There is no need of any battery, directly connect the panel to the inverter and the output of the inverter can be connected to a three phase motor.

> The DSP will track at which point the maximum power can be extracted from the panel by varying the PWM and modulation frequency so the motor will run always extracting the maximum power from the panel and at a constant torque for the wide range of intensity of sunlight – morning till evening.

> This will give 35% extra energy which results in pumping 35% more water compared with the conventional three phase inverter + three phase pump or DC motor based pump.

Picture vfd

  1. Sathisha says:

    I have 460ft of borewell and need to install a solar pumpset for my estate.Can you pls send me the quotation for the same.

  2. raju giri says:

    i have 5hp submursible pump in my farm i am interested in solar what is cost for existing pump.

  3. JJ Fourie says:

    I have a .75kw sub pump. What do I need to go solar and cost and also how do I protect it against theft.

  4. Ravi Diwan says:

    I have two hp silver company submersible pump single phase, in my area lots of problem of electricity. So I want to purchase your solar pv, how much cost of solar pv for 2hp submersible pump single phase, required in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai pin 421301, give me reply on my email address with cost and delivery charges

  5. Arun Singh says:

    I hope that this eco-friendly and innovative idea is doing very good. i want to install one setup please inform me the details. The bore-well which i have got dug is around 150 feet and water is at 70 and upwards. kindly guide and suggest the sufficient capacity and options if any. What subsidy if any we get from up government (greater noida) in electricity bills after installation.

  6. james says:

    3 Phase Off-grid Solar Pumping Systems
    Cost effective systems that let you take advantage of the power and efficiency of a 3 phase motor using direct solar power.

    Sustainable Technologies off-grid pumping systems operate anywhere. The Sustainable Technologies’ VariSun systems provide the power to pump using standard 3 phase motors.
    The VariSun power pods are self-contained coming ready to pump after the initial setup that takes about one hour per pod. The VariSun system is scalable starting at 3 HP. Technically the system can run any size pump; but after 10 HP it is more cost effective to connect to the grid if possible, so solar power credit will be received when the pump is not running.

    The 3 KW power pods are foldable so that the pods can be transported on standard trailers or trucks. This allows us to ship the system fully operational anywhere in the USA.

    The Sustainable Technologies’ VariSun pumping system is operating the irrigation pump speed changes according to the available solar energy. The more energy available the harder the pump runs.

    The VariSun 3 phase direct solar systems work well running greenhouse cooling fans. The VariSun system will run the fans faster during the hot sunny summer afternoons. A single system can run multiple fans.
    Other VariSun applications include Tile drain dewatering pumps, pond aeration systems, and warehouse circulating fans.

    Our Off-grid systems provide security, flexibly, convenience cost effectiveness by being able to order a product that is ready to go and can provide power to any of your 3 phase motors.

  7. ashutosh says:

    I need complete information about solar pv and how to run my SUBMERSIBLE pump

  8. rajender singh says:

    I am from punjab we have 5hp submersible pump runing with generator. I want to convert it to solar pannel plz assist me.

  9. bulksupplier says:

    Hii… Thanks For shearing this article with us

    Bulksupplier is also offering the all in one solar street light products at best rates.

  10. satish says:

    I am looking for a solar inverter/VFD for my 5HP, 3 phase, 415V, AC submersible pump (existing), please provide me the details of supplier and the price for the same.

    • Shrinidhi bhat says:

      You can contact Shree Solar Automation, we will provide wide range of options for your Solar needs. 7760862699

  11. Solar Submersible pumps have several applications ranging from drainage to sewage pumping, slurry pumping and general industrial pumping. These pumps are lowered down into boreholes and are generally used for myriad purposes such as commercial, domestic, industrial and municipal water extraction.

  12. Nitin Arun Kallole says:

    Can u please provide circuit diagram for VFD & MPPT

    Thanks & Regards

  13. dr.a.ramadevi says:

    iam at present running 7.5 hp threephase board power ,submersible pump ,3inch delivery ,at depth of 60ft.pumping water to a sump at 1500mts distance through a 200mm pipeline,plenty of water.i want to convert it to solar power source to the existing pump,with panels installed in the field at the sump,give technical details and feasiblity ,cost to instal approximate

  14. Basavaraj says:

    Sir I want 5hp 3phase solar pump controller inverter. please send details & price .
    Basavaraj S angadi
    no-219 ShreePanchami Enterprises
    Bijapur 586101


  15. Milind M. Nikam says:


    I am interested in installing the solar panel in my farm for existing SUBMERSIBLE. Please let me know the details, like how to obtain the subsidy and what is the cost.

    Thanks & Regards
    Milind Nikam

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