CERC amends frequency regulations and narrow down the frequency range to 49.5-50.1Hz

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In order to improve system grid stability CERC has tightened the frequency band which will restrict the over-drawls/ under drawls between the frequencies bands of 49.2-50.1Hz. Earlier the frequency band was 49.7-50.2Hz.

freq This is because during 11th five year plan a record capacity 54963 MW has been added and as on 31/3/2013, the installed capacity of country 223344MW. In fact during last year we added a record capacity 23673 MW which has made power position of the country comfortable and now we can have a narrow frequency band in order to improve the grid stability as well as quality power supply. Now it is the duty of SLDCs to restrict their drawl with in the proposed frequency band, if there is a drawl beyond the proposed frequency band, UI mechanism will apply penalties on the restricted distribution licensee.

Draft Report CERC Click Here

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