Firstgreen Project Review: 50 Kw Solar Roof Top by Delta Electronics.

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Delta electronics has installed a 50 KW rooftop system at its new corporate office Gurgaon, which is platinum rated green certified building. The system is grid tied solar PV system having 3Kw string inverters connected to the solar panels, the system takes care of the buildings lighting, lift and chiller load requirement during the day and Delta has not used any Battery backup for the system. The installation is done in the form of the flat roof shade which reduces the building heat gain through shading caused by solar panels. The other features of the building are as follows.

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Major green features incorporated in the new building include: 

35% energy savings compared to a conventional building: a rooftop solar energy solution with a capacity of around 55 kWh of energy, use of LED streetlights, T5 and LED lighting, natural light harvesting, screw compressor based water chillers with COP (coefficient of performance) of 6, and primary variable pumping coupled with heat recovery wheel; 

‧40% reduction in water compared to a conventional building: installation of an anaerobic sewage treatment plant, use of recycled water for non-consumption applications such as flushing and gardening purposes, rainwater harvesting pits, grasscrete for surface water recharge, and local low water consuming plantation; 

‧Eco-friendly materials: use of autoclaved aerated blocks, fly ash in the concrete aggregate mix, gypsum and Bagasse wood, recycled aluminum, double laminated glass with insulation using Low-E glass in the structural glazing and fenestrations, and zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and adhesives; 

‧Healthy environment: VAVs (variable air volumes) using non-ozone depleting R 410-A as the refrigerant gas, and eco-friendly housekeeping practices.

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