Solar PV System sizing: Design a Car Port

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Published By: Gaurav K. Sharma

Human kind is cherishing solar energy in different ways from time immemorial. They have also improved themselves, which is clearly evident from the technological achievements that have been started in the dark ages and continuing till today. Even, generating electricity from sun rays is no more astonishing us. However, as we all know ‘there is always a chance of improvement’ we can still find more ways to utilize solar energy and Car Port system is one of them.

Car Port system provides shade to the vehicles and simultaneously generate electricity, which can further be used to feed electric vehicles as well as partially meet the electric load of nearby building. In addition to this, Car port system is also getting popularity in the commercial areas, because, it describes an image of Green building and many tenants likes to pay premium rental for this.

Even, government policies are also promoting various ways of solar energy harnessing methods in commercial buildings. As the promotional activity, government (MNRE) is providing 30% subsidy on solar rooftop systems in commercial building. In addition to government policies, in recent years, market has also come up with prefabricated structures solutions, which can be easily assembled. Even, as the car port system is getting fame, market is also offering customized solutions. Following are the some examples, showcasing structure design of a Car port system.

Car port1 To get more clarity on the system, I am giving a sample calculation of a typical 10 kW solar PV system. This system is estimated to generate about 15000 kWh/year. Area requirement for 10 kW system shall be around 80 m2, if we consider 250 Wp poly-crystalline module (40 nos of modules shall be needed and one module size shall be around 2  m2.).

The carport system can be used for virtual displays in public areas illustrating the green advertisements of the company.  Some building owners use the system for car charging facility for electrical vehicles for which a battery bank and battery chargers can be installed for hybrid cars on site.

Building owners install the carport system through a lease model in which a PPA can be signed so that bulk of the cost can be paid by the EPC contractor.

There are various other benefits such as accelerated depreciation can also be claimed for this and project can also qualify for the REC benefits as well. ‘


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