Indian Rooftop Solar Market: The untapped 25GW potential can be a big opportunity

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While India has installed over 2 GW of solar PV predominantly in the utility scale ground mounted segment, the country is looking to boost its rooftop solar market as a part of its initiatives in the distributed generation. According 2011 Census India is having  330 million houses, of which 166 million are the  electrified houses. In rural areas over 76 million houses still use kerosene for lighting. MNRE initiated its rural solar PV program and currently about 1.08 million houses are using solar for lighting. As per the estimates of MNRE there are 140 million houses with proper roof (Concrete or Asbestos / metal sheet) which can accommodate about 1-3  kWp  of solar PV system. Similarly the large industrial rooftops can accommodate larger capacities in the range of 100-500 kWp. Hence MNRE estimates that there is a potential of about  25000 MW rooftop solar PV capacity that can be accommodated on roofs of buildings having  2 rooms alone if we consider 20% roofs. If the add the potential of commercial and industrial rooftops, this potential can further go up.



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