Procedures to avail certificate for custom & Excise duty from MNRE

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Looking at the last 5 years of data, it can be said that major equipment/ component of the solar PV plant are imported like solar block, Power block, power evacuation and measuring/ testing equipments. For the promotion of the solar installation government is providing concession in custom duty and excise duty. Following is the procedure to SPD needs to follow to avail Concessional Custom Duty Certificate (CCDC) and Excise Duty Exception Certificate (EDECs).

  1. Solar project developer (SPD) shall register himself with MNRE ( )
  2. Submit application and total bill of material divided into four sections- Solar Block, Power Block, Power evacuation and Measuring/Testing equipments. Bill should be certified by the Chartered engineer and should be submitted at least one month prior to CDDC and EDEC to concerned State Nodal Agency (SNA).
  3. Along with these documents SPD is required to submit some basic documents like PPA, Evacuation agreement, Land documents, CA certificate on total project cost, total bill of material duly certified by Chartered Engineer.
  4. SNA shall scrutinize the above documents/ BOM and forward then to MNRE.
  5. SPD shall also track online status for the approval
  6. Once the Bill of Material of the SPD is approved by competent authority in this Ministry, the SPD will then be authorized to generate CCDC/EDEC Certificate (proposal) upon Login to the aforesaid web portal. The
  7. Upon generating the CCDC/EDEC proposal, the SPD may take a print out. The proposal/request for issue of CCDC/EDEC, along with copy of relevant Purchase Order, may be submitted to Director (NSM) MNRE
  8. CCDC/EDEC proposal, complete in all respect, shall be accepted by MNRE and certificate shall be issued within 2 days.

To download MNRE guideline document, use the following link

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  1. Please Tel me, how we will get the MNRE Certificate.

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