Performance trends in Indian solar projects

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India has a three year old solar PV study and there has been a significant knowledge base which have been gained in terms of developing good solar projects. If we look at the data published by MNRE on the field performance of solar projects, there has been a continuous improvement in PLF of the projects installed during the last three year period. The average PLF in the MNRE  migration projects has been of the order of 17%, which improved to about 118-19% in the NVVN batch 1 Projects, and now the recent installations show PLF of the order of 21-23%. This is because the project developers have realised the importance of monitoring techniques, which has helped in pin pointing the plant losses.

The plant performance is mainly affected due to four critical factors, which include a. Module temperature, b. Dirt, dust and shading c. module mismatch losses and d. the AC and DC wiring losses. An effective performance monitoring practice in these four aspects can result in to significant yields in your solar project.

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