Firstgreen Review- Best Performing Solar Module by Semprius

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The World’s Best Performing Solar Modules
Based upon the world’s smallest solar cells, systems powered by Semprius provide more power per square meter and deliver higher energy yields (kWh/kWp) than other photovoltaic technologies – up to 50 percent higher than traditional crystalline silicon-based systems under optimal conditions.
World Record Efficiency
By combining the world’s most efficient multi-junction solar cells with superior module design, Semprius holds the record for commercial solar module efficiency, reaching 35.5 percent as confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Germany. Semprius modules are two-to-three times more efficient than traditional silicon and thin-film modules, delivering more than 300 watts per square meter
Superior Temperature Performance
The performance of all solar modules drops as their operating temperatures increase. Semprius modules, however, are designed to minimize this effect. First, Semprius modules use III-V multi-junction solar cells that have the best temperature performance of all solar cells on the market. Second, thanks to Semprius’ proprietary microcell design, Semprius cells dissipate heat better and naturally run cooler. This means Semprius modules significantly outperform traditional silicon and thin-film modules in hotter climates.
Consistent Energy Production
Systems powered by Semprius are designed to offer consistent energy output throughout the day by intelligently and automatically tracking the sun. On clear days, peak output is reached early in the morning and maintained until late in the afternoon. This not only maximizes energy generation, but also meets the needs of utilities looking to offset late-afternoon peak demand.
Semprius is working with industry leaders to deliver proven, highly reliable, cost-effective tracking solutions.

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