Interview: Mr. Gopal Somani, CEO, Maheshwari Mines and Energy Private Limited

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Mr. Gopal Somani, the former director at Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation speaks with PV Insider about the 10 MW PV project that his company has been awarded under Phase II Batch I of the National Solar Mission (NSM), and the bottlenecks facing developers in this round.

Gopal Somani’s 35 years of experience have covered all segments of energy production, transmission, distribution and management. He has led efforts to electrify 120 remote rural villages and 65,000 home-lighting systems with off-grid PV, and has steered some of the most efficient solar energy projects in Rajasthan.

Q: Your company, Maheshwari Mines and Energy Private Ltd., has won a 10 MW PV project under Phase II Batch 1 of India’s NSM, and managed to obtain the highest VGF out of the 375 MW capacity. What factors contributed to your success?

A: The factors which I believe led us to win the project at the highest VGF include our long experience in renewable energy development, in particular solar, and involvement in policy making, market survey, intelligence, cost discovery, updates in technology innovation and cost trends.

Accurate financial analysis and modelling, study on cost of fund from local lenders, performance feedback and operational skill to optimize output, addressing bankability issues, has also helped.

Other factors include sensitivity analysis for CAPEX on EPC, Energy Yield Estimation and lending rates/financing cost. A call for quality standards for the equipment and BOS with the objective of ensuring long term performance in addition to site selection with key consideration of reliable solar resource data, geotechnical reports, social factors, risk analysis, prefeasibility reports, reliable generation estimation and grid interface for safe power evacuation.


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