Good days are on cards for solar Market: Petition for Anti-Dumping is likely to be withdrawn

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[ezcol_1half]From the past few months, the news of Anti-Dumping Duty on solar PV modules has gathered keen attention of every person, who is sailing in solar market or planning to take off with it. Every mind was making some suppositions. Some people were projecting this rule as monster of the market. However, there were people who consider this as straw for a drawing man. In spite of different opinion of people, inclination of majority was towards against the Anti-Dumping duty. However, for the decision makers, it is extremely difficult to take their diplomatic call on this. They have huge pressure to satisfy the both side people.
Earlier, on the petition filed by Solar PV manufacturing Association, Ministry of Commerce has proposed Anti-dumping duties in the range of  between $0.11-0.81 per Wp on the PV modules imported from China, US, Malaysia and Taiwan. This contributes about 80% of the total module supply in the country. While the present module prices are of the order of $ 0.60/Wp, imposition of Anti-Dumping duty will shoot up to $0.81/W approximately. If so happens, will defiantly paralyze the emerging Indian Solar Market and also adversity affects the ambitious targets taken by the government for solar PV capacity addition.
In the moments of extreme stress, when the final decision date of majorly unwelcomed curious case of Anti-Dumping, we have received a mind relaxing news from our sources. The news is Solar PV manufacturing Association is going to withdraw their petition for imposing Anti-Dumping Duty on imported solar P modules. This means, there is no need to panic for high investment in solar or higher LCOE or even long payback period. We certainly believe that Government has found a mid-way. However, figures are crossed till the official announcement of same.

Written by: Gaurav Kr. Sharma

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