Petition filed by The Tata Power Company Limited-Distribution Business for approval of its Multi Year Tariff Business Plan

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Upon directions from the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Commissioner MERC), The Tata Power Company Ltd.’s Distribution Business (TPC-D), submitted its application for approval of the Multi Year Tariff (MYT) Business Plan for the second Control Period from FY 2011-12 to FY 2015-16.

The Commission, in its First Amendment to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Multi Year Tariff) Regulations, 2011 (hereinafter referred to as MERC MYT Regulations) dated 21 October, 2011, has specified that for the Generating Company or Transmission Licensee or Distribution Licensee for whom there is no order of exemption under Regulation 4.1 [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

and if the Commission is satisfied that there is a difficulty in giving effect to the determination of tariff with effect from 1 April , 2011 under these Regulations and in the event tariff is required to be determined from 1 April , 2012 or any further period under these Regulations, the repealed Regulations in respect of the said tariff determination shall continue to be in -force, and the provisions of these Regulations shall not apply to the determination of tariff for the period till 1 April , 2012 or such further period.

More information can be found in the document given below

Petition regarding Multi-year tariff


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