Comments & Suggestion: Draft Scheme for development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega SPV projects

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MNRE has issued a draft documents for the scheme for development of solar parks and ultra mega solar power plants. MNRE has also asked for the comments and suggestion on the draft documents. Following are the key points, we believe which should be considered before finalize the document.

1. The park scheme asks the potential project developers to apply in advance for the allotment of land in the park. There is no need of applicants beforehand.

2. The land in the solar park should only be allotted to the developer who has signed PPA with any of the central or state agency.

3. There is no clarity, that the land will also be available to the solar project developers intending to develop the solar project under the third party/open access sale or to fulfil their own captive requirements.

3. The plots allotted to the respective agency should be only on the lease basis and if the project is not commissioned in the solar park within two years period the lease should be cancelled.

4. There is no guidelines provided for the selection of project developers to whom the land in the park will be allotted. Will it be on first come first serve basis or any other basis.

5. The policy talks that the preference shall be given to the states seeking maximum power from the park. However, there is no clarity on the states which are not having adequate land but wish to get most of the power generated from the solar park. What if Haryana Nodal agency wish to buy 80% of the power from the solar park and wish to install this in Rajasthan? Can a joint implementation of Haryana Nodal agency and SECI shall be allowed.

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