Delhi renewable energy tariff to be fixed in two weeks

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NEW DELHI: Less than a month after coming out with regulations for renewable energy generation in the city, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission is now working on finalizing details for setting the tariffs for it. The Commission held a series of meetings and consultations with experts from this field and is likely to come out with the renewable energy tariffs within the coming two weeks.The regulations that enable Delhiites to become renewable energy generators were announced early this month, and now the announcement of tariffs is awaited. These will be a deciding factor on how feasible the scheme is going to be.

“We had consultations with various experts who came up with their own suggestions on what the tariffs for renewable energy generation should be. After taking note of all their views and opinions, we will be coming out with an order on the issue within the next ten days,” said a senior DERC official. One of the views shared is that the generic tariffs for renewable energy fixed by the 

Source: Times of India

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Central Electricity Regulatory Commission for the nation as a whole should be fixed for Delhi as well, which would be approximately Rs 6-7 per unit. Various state commissions are free to come out with their own tariffs and are not obligated to have the CERC renewable energy tariffs. Another view is that average power purchase costs should be fixed for renewable power tariffs which is about Rs 4-5 a unit.

The net metering regulations for renewable power generation will clear the way for Delhiites to become solar power generators. The regulations outline how city residents can generate their own renewable energy in their premises, and then offset their electricity bills by supplying this power to the grid. Tariffs are now awaited for the regulations. “This will be a generation tariff for all renewable energy generated as per the regulations, which will be fed to the grid. The cost at which discoms will buy this renewable energy from consumers will be counted in their tariff petitions,” said a senior official.

Delhi government’s power department is also working on a solar policy expected to be announced soon. NGOs like Greenpeace India and industry officials say the only way to make renewable energy generation a success is adequate financial incentives by way of subsidies and preferential solar tariffs. The government’s solar policy is expected to provide further subsidies apart from the 30% MNRE one, specific to types of consumers. “We may offer subsidies in lower slabs for initial capital expenditure and more incentives to large customers like DMRC or malls. The policy is still being finalized,” a source said.


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