Jammu and Kashmir can generate 111 GW solar power : Studies

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The recent studies have shown that the state has more than five times the power potential in solar sector than it has in hydro. The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISR) in its recently released document has revealed that entire India has the solar power potential of 750 Giga Watt (GW) and two states namely Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir are the hotspots. According to its estimates the desert state of Rajasthan can produce 142 GW of solar power whereas Jammu and Kashmir with its huge tracts of barren land in Ladakh has the potential to produce 111 GW of solar power.

Read more :  http://www.greaterkashmir.com/news/2014/Dec/14/jk-can-generate-111-gw-solar-power-studies-14.asp

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