Steps to take before setting up of rooftop solar PV plant

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Inspection of the rooftop before setting up of the solar PV plant is an important and the first and foremost step to proceed further with the project activity. Suppose the roof area is very large and the owner feels that as the area is large enough it is good enough to have ample power through solar. But the real case lies within the fact is that how much amount and duration the sunlight is going to fall on the terrace area, which is the first point. The second point is how much the shadow, because of the trees or the nearby buildings, is going to affect the terrace area. Keeping these major data’s in mind, the inspection actually needs to be carried out by the process described below:

First of all in a formatted manner, the location, address and the Latitude / Longitude of the area needs to be recorded.

The process needs to be carried out in this sequential process:

  • General roof condition. Need to check how clean is the roof, the civil structure and whether there is any sort of seepage.
  • Check whether the roof is flat or sloped based on the placement of the solar modules.
  • Features of roof needs to be checked to see if the roof area is proper enough, there is location of enough sunlight as a result of which the roof receives a good amount of or required amount of available solar radiation.
  • Ceiling condition needs to be checked for the seepage condition and its structural strength to hold the construction set up of the solar panels.
  • Enough amount of space availability for the laying of the cable trays, connecter boxes and the inverter set up.
  • To check the shadow obstruction due to the trees and the nearby buildings by which it can be known about the duration of sunlight falling on the terrace.
  • Availability of the power evacuation system from the inverter to the respective panels.
  • To check up with the building’s average load profile and also the power availability duration from the grid and DG.
  • Wind speed
  • Checking up with roof features and its condition, there also needs to be checked whether the roof needs further strengthening or not.
  • After the collection of the roof profile record and the orientation of the roof, it would be decided whether the solar panels, how and which way it is to be mounted.
  • Safety methods need to check during installation and the required Operation & Maintenance process.

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