India renewable electricity roadmap initiative – Analysis based on Stakeholder input and Literature review

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The objective of this document is to capture and synthesize the inputs of stakeholders in the Renewable Energy sectors. The summary of the roadmap is as follows :

  • Discussion of overarching issues, targets of deployment, systematic approach to assessing relative benefits, costs, risks of renewable energy.
  • Key policy tools at present and how they may evolve as renewable energy reaches high penetration level.
  • Discussion of specific areas that are looked at by stakeholders in the country, which includes supply chain aspect of renewable energy deployment, manufacturing, edequacy of Human Resource and Research and Development.
  • Assessment of investment in renewable energy, including source of investment, private and public sector roles.
  • Covers the area that is often overlooked in the strategic analysis that is the risks at the level of individual project from siting to grid connection.
  • Completion of a variable Renewable Energy power plant and how sufficiency of buyers can be best assured for electricity generated.
  • Transportation of electricity to the consumer through Transmission and Distribution networks and how it should be planned efficiently.
  • Operational aspects regarding how the issues and uncertainities in output of solar and wind can be managed reliably.

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