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GBCI governs EDGE certification in India. EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) is poised to jumpstart the mainstreaming of green buildings across the country in a fast, simple and affordable way. An innovation of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), EDGE consists of a software application for new residential and commercial buildings that enables design teams and project owners to assess the most cost-effective ways to incorporate energy and water saving options in their buildings.

EDGE calculates operational savings and reduced carbon emissions for the building as measured against a base case. Simply input the building parameters and accept key assumptions or fine-tune them for greater precision. Then select the solutions for better performance, and watch your savings grow. With the EDGE software, we can design resource-efficient residential or commercial buildings quickly, easily, and affordably:

  • Fast: the EDGE software helps in discovering the ideal measures for the best return on investment within minutes.
  • Simple: Beneath the intuitive EDGE interface is a powerful engine that understands the climatic conditions of the location and how the building will be used by occupants.
  • Smart: EDGE helps in estimating hypothetical capital costs and a prospective payback period for commercial buildings.

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