Delhi Dialogue Commission target 1000MW Solar Power Generation in five Year

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NEW DELHI: Delhi government’s advisory body Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC) today presented a draft policy recommending generation of 1,000 MW solar power capacity for the national capital till 2020.

The DDC draft policy that has been uploaded on their website for public consultation, will be finalised and submitted to the Delhi government for further approval of the Cabinet after 15 days

the draft recommends installation of 1 GW (1,000 Mega Watts) solar power capacity in Delhi by the year 2020. It is proposed to double it to 2 GW by 2025, which is 21 per cent of national capital’s peak power demand.

“We will create cheap, clean, affordable and reliable energy through solar energy, which will be able to meet 20 per cent of Delhi’s power demand. This is a move which will take Delhi towards self sufficiency. It will enhance energy security,” Ashish Khetan Vice Chairperson, ..

Explaining the economics behind the solar energy Khetan said, for cost of setting up 1 KW Solar System plant come around Rs 80,000. It requires an area of about 10 square meters (3m x 3.3m) and generates 1,300 KWH units per year.

This will lead to saving of Rs 11,500 a year for households’ generation.

“So in seven years a family will recover the investment made for solar installation. Average age of solar plant is 25 years so a family can enjoy free electricity for 17-18 years ..

Payback time for commercial, Industrial and government is only 5.5 years and it will save Rs 15,000 each year.

“Current rooftop solar tariffs in Delhi are Rs 6-8 per unit and it will remain constant for next 25 years. Discom’s average purchase price of conventional power is Rs 5.70 per/unit but will increase year by year.

“We have suggested to aggregate solar power and bid at a larger scale and we will be able to get power as low as Rs 6 per unit, which will remain constant for ..

As Delhi lacks land so there is an immense potential of roof-top solar energy in Delhi. It has a capacity of 31 square kilometer it will give solar energy potential of 2.5 GW of this 26 per cent is under government, 25 percent in commercial and largest of 49 percent lies with domestic sector.



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