Request for Selection (RFS) Implementation of Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV System Scheme in different States of India On the Roofs of CPWD Under RESCO model

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RFS No: SECI/Cont./77/2015

Pre-bid Conference/ Clarification Meeting

A pre-bid conference shall be held on 17-09-2015 at 11:00 A.M at SECI office, D-3, 1st floor, A-wing, Religare Building, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi-17. Only one person from the bidder company is allowed to attend the same

Last date & Time of Submission of Response of RFS

08-10-2015 up to 2.30 PM

Bid Opening (Techno-Commercial)

08-10-2015 at 3:00 PM

Processing Fee (non-refundable)

Rs. 17,100/- (Rs. Seventeen Thousand One Hundred only) inclusive of Service tax @14% for different states of India (Part-II) to be furnished through Demand Draft (DD)


The bidding process under this Phase-V of the rooftop scheme is for 50 MWp capacity under RESCO model (Part-II) in different states of India. Bidder shall submit bids for the 50% the capacity indicated against each State as per table given here under in Clause 2.1.Bid with capacity less then or more than the state capacity shall be rejected.    bid capacity seci 50 MW

Bids in Part-II (RESCO Model):

In the Part-II, bids are invited from the prospective bidders for the Tendered Capacity of 50MWp in different states of India. In this part, fixed subsidy of Rs. 1.2 Crore per MWp.

Maximum allowable levellized tariff for this part is Rs. 7 Per kWh and the bids with levellized tariff in excess of Rs. 7 Per kWh will be rejected. Tariff stream quoted by the bidder shall further confirm to the following:

  1. i) Tariff in the first three years shall not exceed Rs.6.00 Per kWh.
  2. ii) Tariff in any year shall either be equal to or more than the tariff in the immediately preceding year.


The size of each project shall be in the range up to 500 kWp. One project shall comprise of one roof only.


Bids shall be submitted for 50% of Tendered capacity only for each state indicated in Table in Clause 2.1.

Offer of the Bidders quoting cumulative capacity less then or more than 10MWp shall be out rightly rejected.


The Annual turnover of Rupees 5.0 Crore per MW in any one of the last 3 financial years.


Net worth equal to or greater than the value calculated at rate of Rs. 3.00 Crore per MW of capacity offered by the Bidder in its Bid.



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