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GROUNDING means connecting part of your system structure and/or wiring electrically to the earth. During lightning storms, the clouds build up a static electric charge. This causes accumulation of the opposite charge in objects on the ground.

Grounding your system does four things:

(1) It drains off accumulated charges so that lightning is NOT HIGHLY ATTRACTED to your system.

(2) If lightning does strike, or if a high charge does build up, your ground connection provides a safe path for discharge directly to the earth rather than through your wiring.

(3) It reduces shock hazard from the higher voltage (AC) parts of your system

(4) Reduces electrical hum and radio caused by inverters2


What is to be grounded?

  1. PV array:The typical PV array includes solar panels along with metallic structure. The metallic part in the PV array should be grounded including frame of solar panel.
  1. Electrical equipment: Typical solar power plant contains Inverter, Distribution/circuit breaker box along with DC combiner box.
  2. Surge protection devices: SPD has its place in every electrical equipment like ACDB, Junction box and inverter and this should be grounded by connecting copper wires. so that it will bypass the surges directly to ground.



  1. Lightening arrestor: Lightning (surge) arrestors are designed to absorb voltage spikes caused by electrical stormsand effectively allow the surge to bypass power wiring and your equipment. Surge protectors should be installed at both ends of any long wire run that is connected to any part of your system.







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