Off-Grid and De-centralized Solar application

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The  scheme  for  Off-Grid  and  Decentralized  Solar  Applications  would  be  continued  with  minor modifications such as increase in size of the projects up to 500 kW. The Phase II would focus  on ease  of  flow  of  subsidies  with  major  contribution  of  capital  subsidy  schemes  instead  of  interest subsidy schemes. There would be special support provided to individuals’ for solar lanterns, solar home lighting systems, power plants upto 3 kWp and pumping systems upto  5kWp capacity. The scheme  will  involve  RRBS  and  scheduled  commercial  banks  for  solar  home  lighting  systems  and solar pumps. The scheme will be modified in order to make it more simplified to operate. There will be  involvement of LEDs in phase II which will help the remote household for meeting its lighting needs.  Phase  II  would  also  provide  support  for  providing  solar  power  packs  to  individuals  and support available for solar charging stations specially for village  level entrepreneurs, etc. Focus of phase II would also involve support to SPV power plants for micro/mini grid SPV power plants with storage systems and distribution network.

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