Status of off grid solar power in India

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The major thrust areas under JNNSM Phase II will be the areas where grid has not reached, or the areas where grid has reached but the electricity is not available. Phase II will also focus on Solar off grid generating systems,  solar  home  lighting  systems  and  various other  forms  of  solar  based heating/cooling/thermal  applications.  Phase  II would  focus  on  targets  which  will  be  product linked  or  enhances  the  income  generation activities.  It  would  also  focus  on  various  solar  PV and solar thermal applications which will be used for  heating  and  cooling  requirements,  drying purposes,  etc.  in domestic,  commercial  and industrial  segments. The mission National Solar mission under the brand name “Solar India” set an ambitious target of adding 20 GW of Grid connected and 2 GW of Off-grid capacity by 2022 in three phases. Phase wise target of the mission is as follow:

Thrust Areas for promotion of Off-grid solar during phase-II are as under:

  • Improved Energy Access for remote areas
  • Heating/Cooling applications  needs  to  be  encouraged  (such  as  Cooling,  Cold  Storage, water purification, Space Heating)
  • Replacement of diesel and kerosene
  • Distributed Generation : (e.g. rooftop PV applications)
  • Industrial process heat applications


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