CAG report highlight the Non availability of Long Term Access (LTA) to inter-State transmission system

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NVVN requested (November 2012) the Ministry of Power for allocation of power from the unallocated power of coal based stations of NTPC for bundling the same with Solar Power in anticipation of commissioning of 295 MW Solar power projects (Phase-I, Batch-II) in Rajasthan by February 2013, under JNNSM. The Ministry of Power allocated (12 February 2013) equivalent (295 MW) thermal power for bundling with the solar power. Out of 295 MW bundled power, 85 MW was to be supplied within Rajasthan and remaining 210 MW bundled power was to be supplied to other States. However, since PGCIL did not permit LTA to inter-State transmission system of 210 MW solar power which was allocated to other States. This 210 MW power was reallocated (1 April 2013) to Rajasthan till the receipt of LTA with the prior approval of Rajasthan Discoms Power Procurement Centre (RDPPC) (19 March 2013). Audit observed that RDPPC withdrew its consent (30 May 2013) for temporary allocation of additional 210 MW power from 1 July 2013, citing the reason that there was reduction in requirement of power in the State. Despite this NVVN continued power supply to Rajasthan till the granting of LTA on 12 August 2013. However, in view of prior intimation of withdrawal of consent, RDPPC decided to make only partial payments for the above energy supplied for the said period (1 July 2013 to 15 August 2013).

Thus, non-availability of LTA for evacuating solar power outside Rajasthan resulted in disputed claim of ` 66 crore. More importantly, this also indicated that there was no proper coordination between NVVN, Discoms and PGCIL, due to which NVVN could not obtain LTA for evacuation of solar power outside Rajasthan as planned. NVVN stated (19 September 2014) that the procedure to obtain LTA of 210 MW started on 14 February 2013 and LTA was signed on 8 July 2013. While the inter–state scheduling of solar power was commenced by Regional Load Dispatch Centre (RLDC) from 16 Aug 2013 after persuasion by NVVN, bundled power remained within Rajasthan from 1 July 2013 to 15 Aug 2013.

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