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  1. Preface:


  • This procedure for Short Term Open Access (STOA) is being issued in compliance to the “Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and conditions for Intra State Open Access) Regulations, 2005” dated 3 January 2006, and subsequent amendments thereof, if any, hereinafter referred to as “Principal Regulations” or “the Regulations”.


  • This procedure covers guidelines, terms and conditions and application formats for availing Intrastate short term open access of Transmission and/or Distribution system of the licensee(s)


  • This procedure, terms and conditions and charges will also be applicable to embedded Open Access consumers who use transmission and / or Distribution system in conjunction with the Central Transmission System through bi- lateral or collective transactions through Power Exchanges, in line with DERC and / or CERC regulations for Short Term Open access, as amended from time to tim


  • This procedure shall be applicable for reservation of Transmission and Distribution capacity for short term sale or purchase of power by Open Access consumer or existing consumers of Distribution licensees as well as bulk consumers / CPPs / IPPs or a state utility or an intrastate entity as a buyer or seller as entitled to avail short term Open Access under Open access Regulations, referred to as Short Term Open Access Consumer or Consumer(s) herein


  • The procedures along with requisite formats as described herein, shall also be available on SLDC web site “”.


2.                    Mandatory Requirements:

  • The following eligibility requirements /pre-conditions are required to be fulfilled by the Open Access consumer before applying/availing the Short Term Open Access (STOA):


A)                  Eligibility Requirements:

The eligibility requirements/conditions for grant of STOA shall be as laid down in the Principal Regulations, as amended from time to time, read with following requirements:


i)                     Availability of spare transmission & distribution capacity:

The short term consumer shall be eligible for STOA over the surplus capacity available on the intra- State transmission system/distribution system after use by the long term consumers and the medium term consumers, by virtue of

  1. Inherent Design Margins;
  2. Margins available due to variation in power flows; and
  3. Margins available due to in-built spare transmission / distribution capacity created to cater to future load Provided that construction of a dedicated transmission line/distribution system shall not be construed as augmentation of the transmission system/distribution system for the purpose of grant of Short Term Open Access.


ii)                   Contract Demand (CD) & voltage Level

The STOA shall be permissible to a consumer having demand of 1 MW and above (except generating plants), connected at 11 KV or above. However, all the generating plants will be allowed open access for wheeling of power.


For the consumers of distribution licensee, the demand in MW shall be computed based on sanctioned CD and Power factor as 0.9


For allowing STOA for purchase of power above contract demand, the specific permission of distribution licensee  to draw the open  access power above  the sanctioned  contract demand  is required.


iii)                 Connectivity

The consumer/buyer or generating station/sellers seeking STOA should be connected to Transmission/Distribution System of STU / Distribution Licensees at 11KV or above.


An Open Access Consumer shall be eligible to obtain connectivity at the voltage level specified in the Conditions of Supply of the licensee approved by the Commission, unless already connected, and shall apply for connectivity in accordance with the State Grid Code/Principal Regulations.


iv)                  Feeder status / category supplying power to consumer:

Open Access shall be allowed on all feeders except feeders serving mixed loads of urban / industrial consumers Provided that, the consumers connected to mixed industrial feeders, shall be allowed open access subject to the condition that they agree to roastering restrictions imposed by the utility on such feeders.


v)                   Registration of Open access Consumer

An Open Access Consumer connected with Intrastate Transmission System shall be Registered with SLDC on prescribe format ST-7A for generator & ST-7B for the Purchaser &One time registration

charges of Rs. 10,000/- shall be payable to the „Delhi SLDC R&E’ Accounts through Bank draft/cheque payable at Delhi. This registration charge is valid for a specified injection / drawal point with respect to Intrastate Transmission System.  Any change in the injection / drawal point shall be

treated as a new connection and the charges for registration shall have to be paid by the applicant.


  1. A person having been declared insolvent or bankrupt or having outstanding dues against him for more than two months billing of distribution/transmission licensee at the time of application shall not be eligible for open acc Provided that, if the dispute regarding outstanding dues is pending with any Forum or Court and stay is granted by the competent authority, in that case the person shall be eligible for seeking open access.


  • In case of Generators, besides fulfilling the connectivity requirement to Licensees system, they shall also be required to furnish copy of compliance report to the feasibility clearance issued by STU or Distribution Licensees, as applicable, along with any other statutory clea


  • On meeting the mandatory eligibility requirements, the applicant shall be issued the approval for grant of Short Term Open Access / NOC / Standing clearance / concurrence whichever is applicable by the Nodal Agency.


The consumer should ensure that the application for open access for whole day and minimum period of one day.


There after, the following pre-conditions are required to be fulfilled by the Open Access applicant:-


i)                     Metering Requirements:


  1. The Open Access Consumer shall provide ABT compatible Special Energy Meters at the point (s) of injection and point (s) of drawl if not already provide Special Energy Meters installed shall be of the make approved by STU / Distribution Licensees and shall be capable of time-differentiated measurements for time-block-wise active energy and voltage differentiated measurement of reactive energy in accordance with the Metering Code drawn out as per provisions of Delhi Grid Code / CEA guide lines.


The Open Access Consumer shall provide Main Meters in its premises as specified in the Metering Code drawn out as per State Grid Code. The distribution licensee shall provide Check Meters of the same specifications as Main Meter.


  1. An Open Access Consumer may request Distribution Licensee to provide Main Meter(s). In that case he shall pay security to Distribution Licensee and shall also pay rentals as per Schedule of General Charges for the Main Meter(s) which shall be maintained by the distribution lic


  1. The meters shall be duly tested and sealed in the presence of STU/Distribution Licensees / Consumer and shall also be checked / tested at site by enforcement wing of the Distribution Licensee / STU after


  1. All Open Access Consumers shall abide by the Central Electricity Authority (installation and operation of meters) Regulations, 2006 (as amended and revised from time to time) in respect of special energy meters or interface meters (Main, Check and Standby meters) to be installed by STU or any other utilities authorized to install meters at interface


  1. As per Metering Code of Delhi, the Main and Check Meters shall be periodically tested and calibrated by State Transmission Utility / Distribution Licensee as per requirement (Once in a year or as & when required).


  1. The Metering Guidelines to be followed by Open Access consumer shall be as per enclosed format Annexure-1.


ii)                   Communication Facility:

Main and Check Meters shall have facility to communicate their readings/data to the State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) on real time basis. In case of generators/sellers and Open Access Consumers who have sought Open Access for 10 MW or above, the facilities/equipments for communication/transfer of metering parameters to SLDC control room on real time basis through

two independent channels are to be provided by them at their cost at their end.


iii)                 Control Room :

To communicate with SLDC & Area Load Despatch Center (ALDC) of Distribution Licensee, an Open Access Consumer having connected load of 10MW or more shall be required to provide a

round the clock control room at its premises with following facilities:

  1. Telephone/Mobile with
  2. Transmission and receipt of fax and e-ma


  • SLDC/STU/Distribution licensees reserves right to deny open access to consumers or withdraw it any time in case of not fulfilling any of the eligibility conditions like change of feeder status, payment defaults, etc or otherwise due to any technical / operational Reasons for such denial/withdrawal shall be immediately conveyed to the consumer.


3                     Procedure for Submission of Application:


  • Application Format

The application for approval of STOA shall be made in the appropriate prescribed format / form (Format-ST1)  for  applying  Open  Access  which  shall  be  submitted  to  the  Nodal  Agency  in

accordance with the Regulations and the procedures


3.2                 Documents required:

The application shall accompany the following documents:


i)                     Application Fee:

The application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee, specified as under, through DD in favour of Delhi SLDC R&E Account payable at Delhi.


A)                  Intrastate bi-lateral STOA

  1. When location of drawal & injection points are within same distribution licensee e. without involving STU. @ Rs 2000/ application


  1. When location of drawal & injection point in the intrastate transmission system within the State e. involving STU @ Rs 5000/ application


B)                  Inter- state STOA (Collective transaction/ bilateral) @ Rs 5000/ application


  1. Self-attested documents:
    • Copy of sanctioned Load and Contracted Demand (CD).
    • Copy of latest energy bill issued by distribution licensee, in case consumer is a consumer of distribution licensee. The consumer must ensure that the last bill issued by the Distribution Licensee should be paid.
    • Copy of stay granted by the competent authority, in case of disputes regarding outstanding dues pending with any Forum or
    • Clearance by the competent authority in case of Power producers/ CPPs/Generators using Non Conventional Energy
    • Connectivity details with Transmission / Distribution Licensee in case of generators or Open Access
    • Single Line Diagram of the electrical system showing details of metering equipments


ii)                  Undertakings by the firm regarding

  • Undertaking regarding having not been declared insolvent or bankrupt
  • Undertaking having no outstanding dues against them for more than two months billing of distribution / transmission licensee at the time of
  • Undertaking to accept rostering restrictions imposed by the utility in case of mixed industrial
  • Undertaking of not having entered into Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or any other bilateral agreement with more than one person for the capacity (quantum of power) for which open access is


C)                  Undertaking for Payment Security:

In case of sellers / generators and Open Access consumers (other than the consumers of the licensee), the applicant for open access will also be required to give an undertaking to open an irrevocable Bank Guarantee as per Format ST-8 in favour of the agency responsible for collection of various

charges for the estimated amount of various charges for a period of two months in line with payment security mechanism guidelines as per Principal Regulations, as amended from time to time.


D)                  Undertaking for Acceptance to Terms & Conditions:

An Open Access Consumer shall also be required to submit a signed undertaking cum self attested certificate on a legal paper (Non judicial stamp paper worth Rs 100/-) towards acceptance to the terms and conditions for short term Purchase/sale of Power through Open Access, as per Format –ST 6.


  • All applications for Short term Open Access complete in all respects in duplicate, shall be submitted in the following office address on all working days during 00 AM to 05.00PM


Manager (System Operation – Energy Accounting)

State Load Despatch Centre,

SLDC Building, 33KV Sub Station, Minto road, Delhi-110002. (E-mail: “dtldata @”)


  • The application complete in all respect on receipt shall be duly acknowledged and shall be allotted application Sr indicating date of receipt. Date of receipt of application complete in all respects in SLDC, Delhi shall be considered as the date of application.


  • Incomplete applications shall be liable for rejec The reasons for rejection shall be communicated to the applicant.




4.1       Consent by Distribution Licensee:

On receipt of application, SLDC shall forward one set of application to the office for verification of field data/information and seeking consent from the nodal office of the Distribution Licensee as under


  1. If Open Access User, in Distribution Licensee‟s area say „D1‟, desires to sell power to another Distribution Licensee „D2‟ (through transmission network) then the user has to get consent from D1


  1. If open access user, in distribution licensees area say D1, desires to sell power to a consumer in another distribution licensee D2 (through transmission network) then the user has to get consent from D1 & D2


4.2                 Verification of Feeder status and Field data by Distribution Licensees:

On receipt of application from SLDC, the Distribution Licensee‟s nodal office shall verify the information and seek confirmations/field data from concerned official as under:-

  1. Certificate regarding feeder category status and copy of latest sketch of feeder
  2. Confirmation regarding outstanding dues against the firm for more than two months and detail of stay granted by Court/Forum, if any.


4.3                 Time Frame:

  1. The maximum processing time for verification of field data and subsequent initial consent to SLDC by the designated office of Distribution Licensee on the Format ST-5A, shall be within 12 working days, from the date of receipt of application from SLDC, the Nodal Agency.


  1. Subject to receipt of consent, as per (i) above, the time frame for conditional approval, NOC/Standing clearance, concurrence/consent by the SLDC shall be;
    • 7 working days in case of first time trans
    • 3 working days on subsequent transactions


  • In case of incomplete or defective application, SLDC shall communicate the deficiency or defect to the applicant by e-mail or fax, or any other usually recognized mode of communication, within two


(2) working days of receipt of application. In such cases, the date of receipt of application shall be the date on which the application has been received duly completed, after removing the deficiency or rectifying the defects, as the case may be.



  1. The above time lines are applicable in case of the total drawal including open access less than or equal to the sanctioned contract dem


  1. The consent given by Distribution Licensee to SLDC for approval of STOA shall be valid for three months from the date of its issue, for the purpose of issuing NoC / Standing Clearance / Concurrence

/ Consent by SLDC. The Distribution Licensee shall withdraw its consent given to SLDC in case of any violations in the mandatory / eligibility requirements of the OA consumer, as specified under Clause 2 above, after obtaining approval / consent of SLDC for withdrawing the permission granted to Open Access consumer and action taken shall be duly intimated to SLDC.


  • Subject to fulfilling the mandatory requirements, receipt of timely consent of Distribution Licensees and availability of spare transmission/distribution capacity without jeopardizing the safety of the grid, the case for grant of Open Access to the Short term consumers shall be decided by the nodal agency e. SLDC.


  • Subsequent to the decision by the nodal agency (SLDC), the conditional approval for grant of the Short term Open Access shall be conveyed to the Consumer as per the format-ST 5(B) with a copy to Nodal Office of the Distribution Licensee and concerned Grid official by ALDC of Distribution


5.0       Compliance of conditions and issue of NOC/Standing Clearance/Concurrence

The Open Access consumer shall comply with the conditions laid down in the conditional approval issued by the Nodal Agency (SLDC) and submit, meter test reports issued by Concerned Authority

along with site installation report indicating CT/PT ratio details & Special Energy Meter Data and the point wise compliance report of Metering Guidelines duly signed and issued by concerned

official. Simultaneously, the consumer shall intimate the intended date(s) of transaction to SLDC as per the prescribed formats for seeking NOC / Standing Clearance / Consent, as the case may be,

along with Copy of MoU / agreement for sale / purchase of Open Access power, if applicable, and

any additional information or documents required to be submitted as per the letter issued by SLDC conveying the conditional approval.




  • On receipt of the compliance of conditions and information as per Clause 0 above, SLDC shall allot a unique Open Access ID No. (Account Number) to the consumer, which shall be mentioned by the consumer in all future requests for transactions / correspondence.


  • After verification of compliance of various conditions and receipt of additional documents, if any the Nodal Agency shall allow to operationalize the Short term Open Access, as per the request of the Open Access consumer, from the intended date of start and convey as under:-


  1. If the Open Access is not approved due to any reason, the consumer shall be informed accordingly.


  1. In case of Open Access transaction through power exchange, NOC/Standing clearance shall be issued and conveyed to the Power Exchange with a copy to consumer and Distribution Licensees.


  • In case of bilateral interstate transaction, concurrence shall be given and conveyed to Nodal RLDC with copy to consumer and Distribution


  1. Consent /Approval for intrastate Open access transaction shall be issued and conveyed to the consumer with copy to Distribution Licensee


  • Subsequently, the consumer shall apply for NOC / Standing clearance, concurrence, consent, as the case may be, from the SLDC, maximum up to a period of one month 3 days in advance, along with requisite application fee, as per Clause 3.2 (i) herein above.


  • In case of refusal of NOC or standing clearance or concurrence or consent, as the case may be, on the specified grounds like non availability of surplus transmission or distribution capacity or any operational constraints, such refusal shall be conveyed to the applicant, by e-mail or fax, or any other usually recognized mode of communication, within three (3) or seven (7) working days, as the case may be, from the date of receipt of appli


  • In case of any operational constraints or congestion is anticipated in any of the Transmission

/distribution corridor, it shall also be immediately conveyed by STU / Distribution Licensees to the SLDC as well as Short term Open Access Consumer including the reduced transmission /distribution capacity which can be offered for Open access. The concerned applicant must inform the nodal agency, the acceptance of reduced Open Access capacity within 24 hours. In case of non-receipt of revised information in time, it will be presumed that the applicant is no longer interested in revising it and SLDC will process the application accordingly.



  • The application for approval, NOC/Standing clearance, concurrence, may be sent to designated office under SLDC through fax or e-mail as a pdf format attachm
  • The Application Fee for each bilateral transaction or the collective transaction shall be accompanied by a non refundable Application fee in the form of DD in favour of SLDC, payable at Delhi or through electronic transfer of funds (RTGS/NEFT) in favour of SLDC, Delhi at specified Account
  • SLDC will seek consent of Distribution Licensees one month before expiry of earlier consent for issue of NOC/Standing Clearance/Concurrence as the case may to the Open Access consumer.


6.6       Procedure for Short Term Open Access


  • Involving inter-State transmission system:

Notwithstanding anything contained in clauses (2) to (3) herein below, procedure for inter-State short-term Open Access shall be as per Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Open Access in inter-State Transmission) Regulations, 2008, or its statutory re-enactments, as amended from time to time: Provided that in respect of a consumer connected to a distribution system seeking interstate short-term open access, the SLDC, before giving its consent to the RLDC as required under the CERC regulations, shall obtain the consent of the distribution licensee concerned.


2)                   Without involving inter-State transmission system:


Subject to the provisions of sub-regulation (1) herein above, intra-State short-term Open Access shall be in accordance with the provisions of clause (a) to (h) herein below:


(a)                 Open Access in advance


  • Application may be submitted to the SLDC seeking short-term open access upto the second month, considering the month in which an application is made being the first m


  • Separate application shall be made for each month and for each transaction in a m


  • The application to the SLDC shall be on the prescribed Form containing such details as capacity needed, generation planned or power purchase contracted, point of injection, point of drawl, duration of availing open access, peak load, average load and such other additional information as may be required by the Nodal Agency (SLDC). The application shall be accompanied by a non refundable application fee as prescribed in No.3.2A(i) & (ii) above.


  • An application for grant of open access commencing in any month may be submitted in a cover marked “Application for Short-Term Open Access – in advance” upto 15th day of the preceding m For example, application for grant of open access commencing in the month of Aug shall be received upto 16th day of July.


  • SLDC shall acknowledge receipt of the application by indicating time and date on “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT” to the appli


  • A consumer of distribution licensee intending to avail open access shall also furnish a copy of his application to the concerned official of the distribution licensee.


  • Based on the type of transactions SLDC shall take a decision on the applications for Short-Term Open Access in the manner provided herein


  • All applications received under sub-clause (iv) above shall be taken up for consideration together and processed as per allotment priority criteria specified under Regulation 8(1) to 8(4) of Principal Regulations, as amended from time to


  • SLDC shall check transaction for congestion of any element (line and transformer) of transmission and distribution system involved in


  • SLDC shall convey grant of open access or otherwise along with schedule of payments to the consumer latest by 19th day of such preceding m


  • SLDC shall assign specific reasons if open access is denied under sub clause (x)


(b)                 Open Access on first come first served basis

Applications for open access for the second month, received after the date specified in S.No. 2(a)(iv) above and the applications received during the first month shall be considered on first come first served basis. Provided that such applications shall reach the Nodal agency at least four days in advance of the date of the open access transaction. All these applications shall be processed and decided within three days of their receipt. For example: The application for open access commencing from 10thAug shall be submitted by 5th Aug by 5 PM.


(c)                  Day-Ahead Open Access

  • An application for grant of day ahead open access may be received by SLDC three days prior to the date of scheduling but not later than 1300 hours of the day immediately preceding the day of

scheduling for such transaction. For example, application for day-ahead transaction on 25th day of July shall be received on 22nd day or 23rd day or upto 1300 hours on 24th day of that month.


  • SLDC shall check for congestion and convey grant of approval or otherwise by 18:00 hours of the day immediately preceding the day of sc All other provisions of application for short-term open access shall apply.


(d)                 Bidding Procedure/Congestion Management


  1. If the capacity sought by the consumers for Open Access in advance for the following month is more than the available capacity or SLDC perceives congestion of any element of transmission and


distribution system involved in the transaction, the allocation shall be made through electronic bidding procedure.



  1. Till SLDC establishes infrastructure for electronic bidding, such applications shall be dealt on first come first serve bas


  1. The decision of SLDC in respect of an expected congestion shall be final and bi


  • SLDC shall convey information of congestion and decision for invitation of bidding indicating floor price through an email/SMS notice, to the


  1. SLDC shall also display bidding information on its


  1. The floor price of transmission and wheeling charges determined on the basis of relevant order of the Commission shall be indicated in the noti


  1. The bids shall be accepted on the prescribed format, to be notified by SLDC, and shall be received up to the scheduled “bid closing time” as indicated in bidding invitation Modification / amendment to a bid, once submitted shall not be entertained.


  • If any consumer does not participate in bidding process, his application shall be deemed to have been withdrawn and shall not be processe


  • SLDC shall not entertain any request for extension of time/date for submission of


  1. The bidders shall quote price in /MWh above the floor price;


  1. The quoted price shall be arranged in descending order and allocation of available capacities shall be accorded in such descending order until the available capacity is


  1. In case of equal price quoted by two or more consumers, the allocation from the residual available capacity at any stage under sub-clause (x) above shall be made in proportion to capacity being sought by such consumer


  • Open Access consumers in favour of whom full capacities/partial capacities have been allotted shall pay the charges quoted by each of them in the course of bidding pr


  • SLDC shall reject bids which are incomplete, vague in any manner or not found in conformity with bidding pr


  • The successful bidder, in favour of whom the capacities have been allocated, shall pay transmission charges, wheeling charges, as the case may be, determined by bidding under sub clause (xii)


  1. The reserved capacity by a short-term open access consumer is not transferable to


  1. The capacity available as a result of surrender or reduction or cancellation of the reserved capacity by the SLDC, may be reserved for any other short-term open access consumer in accordance with the Principal


  1. During peak load hour restrictions, the open access consumers shall restrict their total drawl including open access power to the extent of the peak load exemption


  1. On expiry of the period of the short-term open access, the short-term consumer shall not be entitled to any overriding preference for renewal of the term.


3)         Within same distribution system:

The procedure specified in clause (2) above, mutatis mutandis, shall apply to cases of short-term open access when the point of injection and the point of drawl are located in the area of the same

distribution licensee.


7          Revision of Schedule:


7.1       The short-term open access schedules accepted by SLDC in advance or on first come

first served basis, may be cancelled or revised downwards on an application to that effect made to the SLDC by short term open access consumer; provided that such cancellation or downward revision of the short term open access shall not be effective before expiry of two (2) days excluding the date of receipt of application and date of implementation.


  • In case of cancellation or downward revision by the consumer, the consumer shall pay transmission and wheeling charges for first two days of the period for which the cancellation or downward revision of schedule has been sought in accordance with the schedule originally approved by the SLDC and thereafter as per the revised schedule accepted by the SLDC during the period of such cancellation or downward


  • In case of cancellation, the operating charges shall be payable by Open Access consumer for two days or the period of cancellation in days, whichever is


  • The Open Access Consumer(s) shall co-ordinate with the concerned buyer/seller in case of revision of Intra state sale / purchase and send a consolidated request to the SLDC and the same shall be implemented from the sixth time block considering the block in which request for revision is received as first time The decision of SLDC regarding acceptance of the request for revision shall be final and Binding


Note-There shall not be any revision in schedule during the day of operation in respect to –

  • „intra-state entity‟ engaged in bilateral interstate transaction as seller, and
  • „intra-state entity‟ engaged in bilateral interstate transaction as buyer,


because Regulation-14 of CERC Open Access Regulation, 2008 says that the short term open access schedules accepted by the nodal agency (RLDC in case of bilateral transaction or NLDC in case of collective transaction) in advance or on first come first served basis may be cancelled or revised downwards on an application to that effect made to the nodal agency by such consumer but such cancellation or downward revision of schedule shall not be effected before expiry of a minimum period of two days.


The day on which notice for cancellation or downward revision of schedule is served on the nodal agency and the day from which such cancellation or downward revision is to be implemented shall be excluded for computing the period of two days.


  • In the event of bottleneck in evacuation of power due to any constraint, outage, failure or limitation in the intra- State Transmission System, associated switchyard and sub-stations owned by the State Transmission Utility or any other  transmission licensee involved in intrastate transmission (as certified by the SLDC) necessitating reduction in generation, the SLDC shall revise the schedules which shall become effective from the 4th time block, counting the time block in which the bottleneck in evacuation of power has taken place to be the first Also, during the first, second and third time blocks of such an event, the scheduled generation of the „generating stations and injecting entities‟ shall be deemed to have been revised to be equal to actual generation, and the


scheduled drawls of the „drawl entities‟ shall be deemed to have been revised to be equal to their actual drawls.


8.0       Transaction of Power due to failure of Transmission / Distribution System:


8.1. If an Open Access Consumer is unable to draw the scheduled energy due to unscheduled cut or failure of transmission / distribution system of the licensee, the power injected will be treated as Unscheduled Interchanged Energy and shall be adjusted at UI capped rate i.e. Rs. 4.03Ps/Unit or at UI rate prevailing at the time of cut or failure whichever is lower. The capped rate shall be as per rate amended time to time by the appropriate Commission as per the UI Regulations.


9.0       Open Access by a Generator/Seller


Failure of Evacuation System of the licensee:

A generator in the State may be supplying power outside the State, within the State to an open access consumer or  sale to  the distribution licensee.  Non  evacuation of  power due to  breakdown of

evacuation system of the licensee will be dealt with as under:


(a)                 Inter-State sale

The schedule given by the generator will be passed on to NRLDC by the SLDC. The share of licensee from the central sector projects will be adjusted accordingly and the energy scheduled by the

generator to be fed will be delivered to the purchaser / utility. If the licensee is unable to evacuate

power from the generator due to failure of evacuation system of the licensee, the generator will pay to the licensee at the tariff rate charged to the purchaser for the energy which could not actually be evacuated by the licensee due to breakdown of evacuation system of the licensee. However, the generator will be compensated by the licensee for Open Access transmission and wheeling charges, if any, paid to the licensee during the period of non-evacuation of power from the generator.


(b)                 Sale within the Distribution Licensee

The payment to the generator will be made as per the power purchase agreement with the Consumer

/ Licensee.


(c)                  Intra-State sale

SLDC will inform the purchaser about the failure of evacuating system and the purchaser shall stop drawing power within 6 blocks (each of 15 minutes) of this intimation. For the intervening period:


  • The purchaser will pay to the generator at the tariff agreed to between them.
  • The generator will pay to the licensee for the energy supplied by the licensee to the purchaser, at the rate agreed between the generator and the
  • The generator will be compensated by the licensee for payment of Open Access transmission and wheeling charges, if any, paid by the generator during non evacuation of Upto 6th time block of non evacuation, the generator shall pay to the Distribution Licensees in whose area the generator exists at agreed rate to the buyer of other Distribution Licensee. After 6th block, the energy drawn by the purchaser / Open access consumer will be charged for the Mismatch as per provisions of UI Regulation applicable for Open Access consumers, as amended from time to time.




  • The sellers and buyers involved in the transaction facilitated through open Access shall abide by the Indian Electricity Grid Code and State Grid Code and the instructions given by SLDC as applicable from time to tim


  • The consumer shall be governed by the commercial mechanism of Un-schedule Interchange (UI) Charges so as to maintain grid discipline as envisaged under the Grid Codes in scheduling, dispatch and drawl of electricity.


  • Meter data downloading / reading of Special Energy Meters shall be taken by consumer representative & mail it in prescribed format to concerned nodal agency, as per State Grid Code and Supply Code requirements which shall be weekly in case of Generators / Sellers and monthly in case of Any change in Multiplication factor / CT / PT ratio setting shall also be recorded. The downloaded data in the form of CD and hardcopy printout along with a statement of consumption as recorded by Main, Check Special Energy Meter, duly authenticated by concerned Licensees shall be sent to SLDC for preparation of UI Energy Account.


10.4             Unscheduled Interchange (UI) Energy Accounting:

Open Access power consumption and UI energy account under Open Access in case of Open Access consumers shall be prepared by SLDC based on ABT meter data downloaded by distribution licensee in line with State Grid code requirement and daily schedule as released by the NLDC/NRLDC or obligation reports issued by the concerned power exchange after taking in to account the losses. SLDC will upload the data in their web site for provisional billing & shall prepare Weekly UI energy account in case of generators / sellers and Monthly UI energy account in case of purchasers for adjustment of OA power & UI in the energy bill for the succeeding month by Distribution Licensees for final adjustment.


  • In case any co-generation, renewable energy source of energy and other non-conventional energy sources based plants does not supply electricity to the distribution licensee of it‟s area, UI would be This will also hold good in case such generating plant supplies electricity to more than one person including the distribution licensee of the area where such plant is located.


  • The entitlement at the drawl point will be worked out after considering the Transmission and Distribution losses, as determined by the commission in the Tariff order or any subsequent order for that y


  • The UI mechanism, UI charges and its payments will be in line with the prevailing Open Access Regulations, as applicable for Open Access consumer


  • STU will organise periodical testing of the ABT meter at Consumer(s) premises for its Accuracy / calibration, clock time synchronization et as per provisions of Metering Code.


  • The special Energy Meter / Interface meters at Open Access Consumers premises shall be open for inspection by any authorized person of STU/Enforcement wing of Distribution



The Short Term Open Access Consumer shall pay the following charges for Open Access as notified by DERC Regulations and as determined by DERC in its Regulations/ tariff order from time to time.


A          Transmission and Wheeling charges

Transmission and wheeling charges shall be leviable as determined by DERC. The charges will be levied on the quantum in MWH cleared by the concerned SLDC for bilateral transactions and National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) in case of collective transactions. Provided that when the

capacity  has  been  reserved consequent  to bidding,  the Open Access charges will  be taken as

determined through bidding.


Wheeling charges where a dedicated distribution system has been constructed for exclusive use of Open Access consumer, the wheeling charges for such open access consumer dedicated system shall be worked out by the Distribution Licensee(s) and got approved from the DERC, which shall be


borne entirely by such open access consumer till such time the surplus capacity is allowed & used for other consumer (s) or purposes.

Note: The Wheeling charges for wheeling of Non Conventional Source, power shall be governed as per the provisions for generation from Non Conventional Energy Sources.


B.                  Cross Subsidy Surcharge

Cross Subsidy Surcharge shall be leviable as determined by the Commission in its Order /Tariff Order  which  shall  be  payable  to  Distribution  Licensee  on  per  unit  basis  by  the  open  access

consumers (except those availing power from their captive power plants) based on power arranged through open access during the month through open access.


C.                  Additional Surcharge

Additional surcharge will be applicable as determined by the Commission as per Regulation 12 of DERC (Open Access) Regulations, 2005 as amended from time to time.


D.                  Scheduling & System Operation Charges

The scheduling and system operation charges @Rs.2,000/- (Rupees Two thousand only) per day or part of the day for each transaction , as notified by the Commission , shall be recovered from short- term open access consumers.


In case of collective transaction, there will be no operating charges on a day if there is no transaction on that day.


E.                  UI Charges

UI charges on account of mismatch between the scheduled entitlement and actual drawal i.e. Over drawal / under drawal in case of purchaser @ max 403 Ps/unit (UI cap rate) for under drawal and over drawal as per UI Regulation or over injection/under injection in case of generators for any block

of time @ max 403 Ps/ unit for over Injection & For under Injection shall be computed in line with

DERC (Open Access) Regulations, 2005 as amended from time to time. The rates would also be subject to change as per the time to time decision of the appropriate Commission.


F.                   Reactive Energy Charges

The payment for the reactive energy charges for the Open Access consumers shall be calculated in accordance with DERC (Terms and Conditions for Determination of Generation, Transmission, Wheeling and Retail Supply Tariff) Regulations approved by the Commission. Provided that no additional power factor surcharge / incentive shall be leviable on the energy drawn through open



G.                  Standby charges for drawal of power by open access consumer from distribution licensee

In cases of outages of generator supplying to open access consumer under open access, standby arrangements should be provided by the distribution licensee for a maximum period of 42 days in a year, subject to the load shedding as is applicable to the embedded consumer of the licensee and the licensee shall be entitled to collect tariff under Temporary rate of charge for that category of

consumer in the prevailing tariff schedule or as decided by the Commission from time to time.


Provided also that open access consumers would have the option to arrange standby power from any other source. Standby charges would be applicable from 00.00Hrs after the 24 hrs of serving the notice by Open Access Consumer till that time consumer have to pay the charges as per UI rate for drawal plus Rs 1/unit for that energy to distribution licensees. The Standby Charges for the power availed by the Open Access Consumer beyond the notice period would be paid to Distribution company, similarly, placed consumers of Discoms availing temporary connection the Distribution Company.



In addition to the above charges, the Utilities who are authorized to installed meters for Open Access Consumer are entitled to recover charges from the consumer as under:-


  1. Estimated cost of ABT Meter with AMR facility =Rs.50000/-
  2. Estimated expenditure involves in testing /installation/commissioning of Energy Meter=Rs.20000/-
  3. Estimated expenditure for data downloading of Energy Meter per visit=Rs.2500/- The above rates /expenditure are without VAT/Service Tax if any

NOTE-Procurement/installation of CT/PT /Metering Cubicle & its wiring upto the terminal block to be arranged by the consumer.


I.          Energy Losses:

The STOA Consumer shall bear the losses as under:-


1)                   Inter-State Open Access:

The buyers and sellers of electricity shall absorb apportioned energy losses in the transmission system  in  accordance  with  the  provisions  specified  by  the  Central  Regulatory  Electricity

Commission (CERC), as notified from time to time.


2)                   Intra-State Open Access:

The Transmission & Distribution losses separately for the Intra-State system shall be determined by the Commission separately in its Tariff Orders or any specific order(s) which shall be apportioned in

proportion to the actual energy drawl by the Open Access consumer. The energy losses shall be compensated by additional injection at the injection point(s).


Note: The Energy losses shall also be applicable to Non Conventional Fuel Source based Generators.


I.          Any Other charges

Any other charges/taxes determined/levied by the Delhi/Central Govt. or Commission from time to time.


12.0      Billing & Payments:


  • The monthly bill towards net power by Open Access consumer shall be raised by Distribution Licensees duly taking into account the Open Access power and UI amount payable to the consumer based on the energy account prepared by SLDC and shall maintain the amount collected in a separate Bank Account or as per the directions issued by the Commission from time to time. The same shall be reconciled with SLDC on monthly bas


  • The monthly bills towards Open Access Charges for intrastate transactions or supplementary bill towards interstate transaction not covered in remittances received through power exchange and Nodal RLDC, if any, shall be prepared & issued by Nodal Agency on monthly basis in case of purchasers and weekly in case of sellers. The STOA consumer shall make payments as raised in the bills, by due date through electronic transfer (RTGS/NEFT) or Bank Draft drawn in favour of SLDC payable at


Note: Payments/recoveries towards UI/ Imbalance charges in case of over injection or under injection by the generators/sellers shall be paid or realized by the Distribution licensee against the bill to be raised based on the energy account supplied by SLDC.


  • All the payments shall be accepted up to 00 P.M on working days only. In case due date of bill falls on holiday, it shall be accepted on the next working day.


  • No part payment shall be acce


Provided that in the event of an error in bill being admitted the amount of error shall be adjusted by the authority in the next bill rendered to the consumer after settlement of the difference or dispute by the Competent Authority.


12.5              Late payment surcharge

In case the payment of any bill for charges payable under DERC(Open Access) Regulations, 2005 is delayed by an open access consumer beyond the due date, without prejudice to any action under the Act or any other regulation there under, a late payment surcharge at the rate of 1.25% per month or

part thereof shall be levied.


12.6              Default in Payment:

  1. Non-payment of any charge or sum of money payable by the open access consumer under the Principal Regulations (including imbalance charges) shall be considered noncompliance of the Principal Regulations and shall be liable for action under Electricity Act The STU or any

other transmission licensee or a distribution licensee may discontinue open access after giving

consumer an advance notice of seven days without prejudice to its right to recover such charges by suit.

  1. In case of default in payment of charges relating to the SLDC, the SLDC may refuse to schedule power to the defaulting open access consumer and direct the licensee concerned to disconnect such consumer from the


13.0      Collection and Disbursement of Charges:


  • In case of collective transactions through power exchange, the consumer shall pay applicable charges toward open access transaction to SLDC through concerned power


In case of bi-lateral interstate transactions, the charges are collected and remitted by concerned RLDC. In case of intrastate transactions, consumer shall pay Open Access charges (i.e. SLDC operation, transmission and wheeling charges) directly to SLDC.


  • The cross subsidy charge and additional surcharge shall be payable directly to the distribution licensee in whose area of supply the consumer availing open access is located, against the monthly bill raised by Distribution


  • The Scheduling and Operation charges shall be payable to SLDC.


  • The reactive energy charges as determined by DERC shall be paid to the distribution licensee in whose area of supply the consumer availing open access is locate


  • When the intra state transmission system and distribution system is used in conjunction with inter- state transmission system, the provisions regarding collection and disbursement of transmission, wheeling and operating charges contained in Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Open Access in interstate Transmission) Regulations, 2008 will apply.


  • All the charges except charges mentioned at no.13.2 & 13.4 in first instance will be collected by SLDC directly or through RLDC/Exchange. The transmission and wheeling charges as received by SLDC shall be remitted to STU & Distribution licensees respectively, within 15 days of its receipt by SLDC.


14.0      Payment Security Mechanism

  • In case of short term Open Access, the applicant for open access shall open an irrevocable and revolving Letter of Credit (L.C.) in favour of the Distribution Licensee responsible for collection of applicable charges for the estimated amount of various charges for a period of Two month as per prescribe format ST-8.
  • Payment security mechanism specified above is intended to ensure recovery of the applicable

payment in case of payment default and not as a mechanism for regular payments.

  1. The C.  shall  be  opened  in  a  Scheduled  Bank  mutually  agreed  between  consumer  and  the distribution licensee.
  2. The C. shall be valid for at least three months beyond the entire duration of the transaction.
  • The C shall be opened before commencement of Open Access transaction.
  1. The LC shall be operated by the Licensees in case of default in pa
  2. All costs/expenses/charges associated with C. shall be borne by the applicant/consumer.


15.0      Redressal Mechanism

All disputes and complaints related to open Access shall be referred to the SLDC. However, the disputes and complaints regarding metering and billing etc. shall be first referred to the Commercial

and Metering Committee constituted under the State Grid Code. The Committee shall investigate and endeavor to resolve the grievance within 30 days; and refer the matter to SLDC alongwith finding / remedial measures. If the Committee is unable to redress the grievance and SLDC is not agreed with the view of the Committee, it shall be referred to the Commission by the Committee, SLDC or the

Open Access Consumer, as the case may be.


16.0      Curtailment Priority


  • The State Load Despatch Centre may curtail power flow on any transmission corridor by cancelling or rescheduling any transaction, if in its opinion cancellation or curtailment of such transaction is likely to relieve any transmission constraint on the corridor or to improve grid security. However, in all such cases of cancellation or curtailment, the SLDC will, as soon as practicable, intimate in writing to the consumer the reasons therefo


  • Subject to provisions of the State Grid Code, cancellation/curtailment will be affected as under: –
  • Short term transaction(s) will be cancelled or curtailed first, followed by medium term transactions, which shall be followed by long term transaction(s).
  • Among short term transactions, bilateral transaction will be cancelled or curtailed first, followed by collective
  • Open Access to a distribution licensee will be the last to be curtailed within a category.
  • Curtailment will be effected on a pro-rata basis amongst the consumers of a particular category.


  • In case of curtailment of the approved schedule by the State Load Despatch Centre, transmission and wheeling charges shall be payable pro-rata in accordance with the curtailed


  • The SLDC Operating charges, as specified under the relevant provisions of DERC (Open Access) Regulations, 2005 as amended from time to time, will be payable irrespective of curtailment, if


  • The concerned Nodal Agency should ensure that Non Conventional Energy Source based generator where are mainly Must Run Plant should be tried to be scheduled first so that the generation from such Non Conventional Sources does not affec SLDC shall endeavour to give priority to must run plant for scheduling in merit order in line with the guidelines of CERC.




ii) iii)

Approval of Short Term Open Access

Submission of Application By Consumer to SLDC Verification of field data and Consent by Distribution Licensee

Decision by SLDC for conditional approval




within 12 working days


within 3 working days

15 Working Days










Procurement of Metering Equipment By the authorized agency

Testing by Authorized agency


within 30 days


within 10 days



Installation at site by consumer/Dist Licensees

Testing by Distribution Licensees /STU & issue of Point wise compliance report

within 10 days

within 10 days




Issue of NOC/Standing clearance/Concurrence by SLDC



ii) iii)


Submission of application

First NOC/Standing clearance/Concurrence Subsequent Monthly NOC/SC/Concurrence


0 working day

within 7 working days within 3 working































  1. D) Down loading of Meter data & preparation of Energy account by SLDC:


i) Meter reading & down loading of data by Dist: 0 Hr.
Licensees (on due date) (Monthly in case of
Purchaser & weekly in case of Seller)
ii) Submission of downloaded data to SLDC by within two days
Distribution Licensees / STU
iii) Preparation of Energy Account by SLDC within 7 days
for Distribution Licensees
iv) Forwarding of UI Energy Account by Dist licensees within a month




The following guidelines are to be strictly implemented for installation of metering equipments including ABT compliant special energy meters (SEM) of accuracy class 0.2S/0.2 and connecting arrangements for metering of open access consumers.


A)                  Open Access Consumer’s Premises (To be complied by OA Consumer)

  1. Open Access Consumers injecting power in to the Distribution Licensee / STU system shall provide separate line bay with line protection scheme at both ends to take care of any fault on li
  2. Meters are to be installed directly on line without any isolator in between line and metering CTs/PTs.
  • Metering CTs/PTs should be exclusively for licensees metering. Consumers may install any additional meter with separate CT/PT.
  1. CTs of 2S and 0.2 accuracy class is to be installed where CT output is 5A (in case of 11kV) and 1A (in case of 66/132/220kV) respectively. However PTs of accuracy class 0.2 are to be used.
  2. Metering CT/PT should be exclusive for metering These will not be allowed for protection purpose. However metering CT/PT are to be provided with minimum two metering cores, one core to be used for main ABT meter & 2 core to be used for check meter & TPT meter.
  3. The meter should be installed nearest to the CT/PT in separate room, with easy/free access by Dist licensees/STU
  • All connecting cables from CT/PT to meters should be routed through conduit pipe duly welde
  • Un-climbable fencing around metering, CT, PT area is to be provided which will be sealed by
  1. Use of only single ratio metering CTs will be Multi ratio CTs are not to be used in any case.
  2. Metering CTs/PTs, bottom plate needs to be welded after testing/installation at
  3. Open access  consumer  (non-consumer  of  Distribution  Licensees)  is  required  to  provide  two communication channels at his own cost for communication of metering data to SLDC control room.
  • Consumers who have already installed CT / PT without witness/checking of Distribution Licensee / STU shall get the same tested in the presence of Distribution Licensee / STU represe
  • Meter is not to be installed in the control room of consumers


B)  Compliance by STU At Consumer end:

  1. Installation of check Meter
  2. ABT meter installed for consumers injecting & drawing power to be import/export type of accuracy class 2S.


At Distribution Licensee / STU Sub Station end

  1. Supply should not be tapped from Bus Exclusive line CTs and PTs are to be installed for metering at Sub Station end. CT/PTs provided shall have two metering cores.
  2. Meters are to be installed near line bay in Sub Station

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