Solar PV rooftop systems: Factors affecting the pricing of your PV systems

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The cost of your solar PV rooftop system is affected by many factors. These include the following:

• government incentives and support schemes
• contractor installation costs
• type and number of panels
• type and size of inverter
• type of framing equipment and other system components
• height and accessibility of roof and whether it is tiled or metal or concrete
• any after sales service agreements
Keeping these variables in mind, this table provides an approximate guide on the price range for grid-connected solar
PV systems in the major capital cities. Government incentives are included in these figures. Note that the market costs change quickly and so these numbers are illustrative only.


1-5 kW Rs. 80/Wp

5-20 kW Rs. 70-80/Wp

20100 KW Rs. 65-70/Wp

100-1000 kW Rs.60-65/Wp

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