Solar rooftop systems: Testing and commissioning of the inverters

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1. Be sure that the inverter is off before proceeding for rthe testing and commissioning of the inverter

2. Test the continuity of all DC fuses to be installed in the DC string combiner box, install all string fuses, and close fused switches in combiner box.
3. Check open circuit voltage at DC disconnect switch to ensure it is within proper limits according to the manufacturer’s installation manual.
4. If installation contains additional DC disconnect switches repeat the step 4 voltage check on each switch working from the PV array to the inverter DC disconnect switch closing each switch after the test is made except for the final switch before the inverter (it is possible that the system only has a single DC switch).
5. At this point consult the inverter manual and follow proper startup procedure (all power to the inverter should be off at this time).
6. Confirm that the inverter is operating and record the DC operating voltage in the following space.________
7. Confirm that the operating voltage is within proper limits according to the manufacturer’s installation manual.

8. After recording the operating voltage at the inverter close any open boxes related to the inverter system.

9. Confirm that the inverter is producing the expected power output on the supplied meter.

10. Provide the homeowner with the initial startup test report.




Ref: PV Installation guide:

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