Steps for bidder to participate in NSM e-Reverse Auction of NTPC

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  1. Login to ETS
  2. Go to e-Secure Auction Activities menu
  3. From menu select List of e-Reverse Auction
  4. Select the relevant Reverse Auction from the List (Reverse auction code is provided in system generated mail by TCIL it is sent 1 week before auction start)
  5. Click Details
  6. Assign Reverse Auction to an MA
  7. Go to e-Reverse Auction Overview page
  8. Do Reverse Auction Activities Authorization
  9. Do Reverse Auction Bidding Event Authorization
  10. Login to e-Rerverse Auction Bidding Event (You can login to the event 15 minutes prior to the start of e-Reverse Auction.
  11. Color Code
    1. Green : Getting the order of full assigned quantity
    2. Orange : Getting partial order of assigned quantity
    3. Blue : May/ may not get full/partial order
    4. Red : Getting nothing

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