Clarity on solar plant installation sought

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Uilders and solar plant installers have said that the recent Government Order (G.O.) making it mandatory for group units and multi-storeyed apartments to install solar plants for ‘common electricity’ lacks clarity. Further, homebuyers fear that the cost of installing the plants will be passed on to them.And then, the G.O. is vague about the technical feasibility of installing a solar plant for ‘common’ electricity purposes like staircase lightings, lifts and pumps, pointed out K.E. Raghunathan, managing director, Solkar Solar Industry.He said that in multi-storeyed apartments, common lighting had single-phase connection, while the elevators and pumps worked on a three-phase connection.“Will two solar plants have to be installed?” asked Mr. Raghunathan, who is a pioneer in the field of solar technology.Ind-Ra expects the developers will favor projects under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission scheme state projects on account of healthy credit profiles of the off-taker i.e. NTPC Ltd (‘IND AAA’/ Stable/’IND A1’) compared to weak credit profile of the state distribution companies.


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