Components of solar rooftop system

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A typical rooftop system generally comprises of the following equipments:
  1. SPV Power Source
     ii. Inverter
     iii. Grid Charger (only for system with batteries)
     iv. Charge Controller (only for system with batteries)
     v. Batteries (Optional)
     vi. Mounting Structure
     vii. AC and DC Cables
     viii. Earthing equipment /material
     ix. Junction Boxes or combiners
     x. Instruments and protection equipment

Rooftop components

The solar modules are connected to an inverter to yield 240 VAC at medium power levels (2-10kW). This system is connected to AC power lines (i.e., connected to the grid) as shown in Figure 1. The customer sells power to the utility during the day and buys power from the power company during the night. Some of the rooftop systems have inbuilt inverters, also known as microinverters which convert the electricity generated by module directly in to AC electricity at the module output itself. The use of micro inverter system greatly reduces installation labour costs, improves safety, and maximizes the solar energy harvest.

It is possible to integrate the solar module with your existing home inverter system and can reduce the capital cost significantly. The solar panels are connected to the existing home inverter-battery system through a hybrid charge controller and can provide relief to the households for additional charging option apart from normal grid charging of the storage batteries. In the event of non requirement of solar electricity at the household, these surplus electricity can be fed back to the grid as well. The home owner has to install this converter along with the existing inverter which also acts as a battery charge controller and connects the AC mains & load output control system all in one.

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  1. मुझे 5KW का सोलर प्लांट अपने घर पर लगाना है।
    प्लीज कॉन्टेक्ट मी

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